Monday, December 6, 2010

A Visit From UAE

Monday, December 6, 2010
Last Wednesday I get a call from my dear blogger friend karamilah who tells me that she is coming to Oman on Thursday.. It was a very refreshing call and I knew I would have a extraordinarily weekend and indeed it was..

Couldn’t meet her on Thursday coz I had a wedding to attend and she was busy sightseeing with her family.. Nevertheless she fell in love with my country =)

I met her and her sister on Friday and we had a blast, we laughed we toured. I asked my best friend Mery to be our guide and she did an amazing job in giving us a tour.. One thing I learned is that I am not utilizing what I have in hand. Oman has lots of places and yet I have no idea about., This tour/trip was an eye opener, it was a tour for me too.. I learned stuff and as an Omani I should have KNOWN them loool..

Karamilah, thank you for visiting Oman and being the amazing person that you are.. I had a blast and I really cant wait for you to come again.. This time, it will be fully planned and more of a party than a trip..

Say hi to your sis for me and tell her thank you for making me talk Arabic ;)

7 Voices:


Prepare another tour for ur Kuwaiti Fake-blogger-Friend:)

Mean B

i am so disapointed on you :S


i had an amazing time and i cant wait for the next time i go to oman again and enjoy another tour with u, u better be a btter guide next time though, lol

Bint ilKuwait


No identity..

So tell us, what are the things / places you did not know? ;)


That's kind of vague, we would like to know more!

P.S. I think you should prepare a tour for all your jealous blogger friends *lol*


i really really wanna come to oman !

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