Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Off To Graduate..

Wednesday, November 18, 2009
It is amazing how a piece of paper holds the winning card.. The card for you to enter life in a decent shape.. The card for you to accomplish things that you never thought you could.. The card with it you lift your head high and see the people small.. The card that you get to be so proud of yourself and proud of life all together.. Yet on the other hand, I don’t agree that the degree sets your potential and shows who you are.. I don’t agree that your age limits your potential and prevent you from aiming high..

Its been too long that I’ve been working on my bloody degree.. I graduated in 2008 where I could have graduate in 2005 =)

See how long it took me.. But that doesn’t matter.. In the end I did get my degree and I am happy with my accomplishment so far..

I am off to Malaysia to my graduation ceremony and to do me some shopping =D

I will defiantly miss you guys…

Oh, I won’t be here for Eid, so I am wishing you guys a happy Eid o kul 3am o ento b5air

P.s if you guys need anything from Malaysia PLEASE don’t contact me =D
P.p.s i am so sorry i havent been commenting or reading your blogs as i didnt have time but inshallah i will try to catch up with you guys once i am back..
P.p.p.s i will be gone for 10 days =)
P.p.p.p.s mako shay, bas i felt like write 4 ps and 1 s =p

TA TAzzz, right now i am on my way to the airport =p

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SexY LipS

I am really happy for you 7beebty....


have a safe flight...
amazing graduation
and lovely time with your family in Malaysia....

wallah i already miss you :(

Enjoy ur Eid...
and yaaa you i think u 4got to say in one of the P.S statements that if you want anything from Malay dont ask me " except for SeXY Lips" she can ask all wat she wants :P


m9adqaa rooo7eee ;)

love u Spongy...

Eid mubarak in Advance...
regards to ur lovely family

A Journal Entry

1.tro7en o tirj3een bil salamah..

2. enjoy the ceremony ;)

3. 3eedich embarak muqaddaman

4. lol @ 1st p.s. ... ma tewaqa3'ha ;p


Malaysia?! Which university? I'm in Malaysia now btw, hehe :P Maybe we could bump into each other :P

Mean B

troo7een we treden bel salama.



You're gone already ?

so sorry couldnt meet up with the urgent request.

safe trip.

No identity..

Hey Girl, Mabrooooooooook and enjooooooooooooooooooy to the Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaax... Dont miss me much ... ;)

Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique

Congrats Standy!
You were in Malaysia would love to read your experience of living there.
Eid Mubarak mukadamn and cant wait for your return bil salama in sha Allah


have fuuuuuuuun and have a safe trip

etro7een o etredeen bel salama =)


mabroooooooooooooooook, testahlain sweety,
im soooooo happy for you wallah, yallah 3qbal ilshahada ilkbeerah :)

and tro7een witrdeen bilsalamah, w mbarken 3eedch w 3asach min il3aydeen wilsalmeen

Roonii ♡

Mabroooooooooooooooooook =D

U deserve it o aktar kaman!

Im super excited for u!

You have to share details with us once ur back!! ^^

troo7y o terja3i bel salameh =)


ur gona be there rite bfore EID! =D

Mad Art

CONGRATS ! i'm rlly happy for you . I loved the way you described the certificate card .

And have fun , we won't ask for anything else ;) <3


Have fun 7bebtiiii 'n take care

AND congratulations on ur Graduation =p

'n Last Happy 3eed 2 U =D



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