Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This is the fourth day that I am SUPPOSE (notice the word SUPPOSE) to be dieting but somehow all is going down the drain!!!


Day one: SUNDAY
The first day, suppose I diet right.. I had coffee and biscuits for breakfast and cornflakes for lunch, I was home by 5 and starving, was planning to have fruits and youghart as my snack.. The moment I stepped home, I was told we have 3azza and I have to go, so I changed and wore 3abbay and left VERY HUNGRY. When food was served at 8pm, I ate like there was no tomorrow from how hungry I was..

Day two: MONDAY
As soon as arrived to work, I only managed to drink a cup of coffee and didn’t get a chance to have my cornflakes for breakfast, I had a meeting from 8:15 till 10am then I visited my friend and by the time I came back to the office it was already 11am and I was told that I have a lunch team thingy that I had to go to!!! After work was the 3azza again and yes I ate there..

Day three: TUESDAY
Well, its started out fine.. I had my coffee, later on I had my fruit and then went out with my best friend Mery for lunch, where I had a salad (I know I am on a roll here lol) when I went back home, I had ribs for dinner and went to sleep.. so far GOOD..

Coffee… I forgot about my fruits.. Had some cheese and hotdog snacks and went out with my lunch buddies.. Nothing healthy was there… Allah ye3een this weekend..

I just got full plastic bag of safari chips.. so much for me dieting huh!!
The thing is:
1. I have no motivation
2. The weekend in Dubai RUINED my eating habits (I blame blue and mimi for this).
3. I have weird cravings the minute I say DIET.
4. Events of the day are NOT helping..

Now the plan is to start jogging and doing some sports and also to fast for the whole of next week and on the same time try to loose the weight!!


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fasting for the whole next week!!!that's so hard,>_>"
take atleast a day off between the days u fast.
Don't do anything just wait for the supervisor a7san..


candy lool.. need to fast my days.. if i dont start now i wont start..

i'll make sure i have company in fasting =D

wallah my diet supervisour is busy with her studies at the moment.. i will just try it on my own this time =).. just wish me luck!

No identity..

LoooooooooooooooooooL ... Standy, I think there’s a natural rezones which absolutely will make you loose weight ... TRUST ME on THAT ;)
You know what i mean right?!!! :D


LOOMIE, BETN6AQEEN !! u better not show ur green square ( equal to show ur face :P ) on my msn list !!!!!!


Story of my week!!!!

bel thab6!!!

Sunday Awal yomo dieting 6l3 lina 3aza... lakin shino sawait?! o ana bel dawam akalt li 7lom saj o bs 3shan la akharbe6... ma sharabt water though ana ma ath3af illa if i drank 10 cups of water a day...

Monday kan hodoo2
Tuesday faj2a galolna isteqbal my friend walda... fa had to scramble after work... bel talee i forced my self at work to eat a very salty sandwich that im definte it had 20,00000 calories

Wednesday elee oho ams kan ok
o il yoom Awayle waylaaah thursday... yom il kharab il 3alame.. am already thinking pancakes for breakfast tommorow :`( or going out

problem is, i have a wedding next thursday that i must lost 2 kilos for... 10 kilos better but 2 kilos ratheen fehom cause il badla etlawe3 il chabd 3lay o ma 3ndi la floos wala wagt i buy another one!!!


Hun don't be so stress about losing weight. You will lose them gradually if you watch what you eat and do regular exercise! Stressing too much over it will ruin everything and make you think of the food more :P

No identity..

Plus as i always tell everyone... its not about dieting ... its about life style... you cant keep dieting for the rest of your life... chill girl


good luck with the diet!!

eat normally.. just dont eat the bread.. or eat 1/2 of it.. n less pasta!

n no pepsi!


will give u company :)


i can NOT get myself to diet!

the minit i think of it at3ab nafsiyan!


Like "No identity" said, it's all about changing the lifestyle! And being in Oman within a close knit community is almost impossible. You'll have weddings and funerals ruining everything for you!

One last advice, take the next space shuttle and travel to space, only there a serious lifystyle make-over can happen!

No I think it's all possible with some determination and maybe company, someone who is as eager as you are.

Good luck, let us know how it goes ;)


jeeesh when I read about ur diet thingy, I find it not quite a diet at all:P so why coffee :/ should be water a7san !

Mean B

dont blame the day girl if you really want to diet you will diet no 3aza or 3ozoma will stop you but your self you looking for a reason to not diet .

by the way who died ?


No identity: LOOL!! i am SO NOT COUNTING ON THEM!! they actually make me efja3 MORE if you can believe that!

MY DOCTOR: LOOOL!! e7im la7tha la7tha, 5aleen nitfaham awal... i'll see you online ok? =D

Danderma: sub7an allah.. its nice to know that i am not alone =D

hey i didnt know about the water tip.. maybe i am like you.. coz i really dont loose the wieght fast enough.. i will so try this water thing once i finish fasting inshallah..

i need to loose 5 by end of the month and its a MUST!! sigh,

you still have time to loose the 2kgs so wishing you all the best =D

C: el mushkila i dont watch waht i eat and i dont want to watch what i eat =D
i am starting to go back to excersise so that should help and for now, me diet and lets see how it goes.. hmm i am already thinkning of foooood =p

No identity: i love how my life style is.. i like being on the ("c" food diet).. i see food, i eat =D

nosa: hmm normal to me means junk.. bas inshallah i will cut down on my carbs and inshallah khair =D

Nusy: =D you are the best *hugs*

eshda3wa: lool.. wallah same here.. i can write for you a book on the cravings that i get the moement i hear the word diet!

Shahrazad: lool.. i like the space ship thing *does seriose thinking rgardgin thaat matter* =p

That is what i did now.. i got my maid and cousin to fast with me, i got my doctor to shout at me, and i got my friend and cousin to jog with me.. so mako na7sha =D

Another-Penelope: loool.. what to do.. i drink coffee coz it closes your appittie =)

Mean B: =(
i dont like you!!

my grandmother's brother is the one who died!

Americanising Desi

i think fasting on monday and thursday like the Prophet could work wonders.
we just need to have moderation!


Americanising Desi: =) so true!! but somehow i cant commite to doing that... yala inshallah khair =)

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