Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Story of the Month!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009
Once upon a time on the land of reality, there was a little house where my friend Manu and her family live. In this house they had one maid. This maid is very religious and every other thing is “Astaghfur Allah al3atheem” or “Sub7an Allah”.. Everything was peaceful and great till last night.

Last night this maid comes crying to Manu and says her stomach hurts so much and that she wants to be taken to the hospital.. She was in so much pain that Manu freaked out and took her to a clinic. The nurse looked at the stomach and pressed here and there and then she told Manu that the maid is pregnant!!

@@ 7AMIL!! Can you believe it..

The nurse said either she is pageant or has a tumour of the size of the baby.. They took the maid to the scan room and it was revealed that YES SHE IS PREGNANT.. la o ba3ad she is already dilated 8 cm and she is about to deliver at any moment now..

Manu was shocked maskeena she stood there like someone threw a bucket of cold water on her!! Wallah ma tin7asid 3al mawqif!!

Straight away, she took the maid and went to another clinic, she barely made it on time, 10 minutes later “Congratulation, you have a baby boy”..

LA WALLAH!! OMG OMG OMG.. When did all this happen?? The thing is this maid is a bit chubby fa ma bayan 3aleha.. And the other thing is was she was ALWAYS working and on the run.. Never complained or anything!!

The funny thing when they told her yes confirm inti 7amil she was like “astaghfur allah” “astaghfur allah” “astaghfur allah” “Kaif” “La2” “astaghfur allah” “astaghfur allah” “astaghfur allah” loool.. 3ad ma abu el denial!!

Of course today morning e3taraft who was the father, and she said she was forced to do it =s . laish forced inshalalh, ween 3aysheen e7na? if you were forced you could have talked.. No one would have blamed you!! Forced fi 3eenik!!

Sub7anak ya rab.. Allah yekfeena min shar o balawi el 5adam qoolo ameen!!!

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The Sisiter!!


Awen "Astaghfir Allah" That she is pregnent, you should expect that when you know you did something.

No identity..

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL .... I saw this coming once the maid is involved... "Astaghfir allah" ;D



same exact thing happened to my aunt!!

Smart CoOKie

I don't like very religious people. I feel like its just a cover up. Allah la yblina.


LOOOOOOL mo9erra ba3ad? "astaghfer allah, astaghfer allah"..

Gamay walay zain!


ok, forced to 6al fe 3ainha
bas i just told the story to my sis, she said some keep it in out of fear for themselves, their families ...etc
bas in my opinion, even though she should've talked

9j bay5ah wedy akfa5ha


ay zeman 3aysheen so she would be forced!!

Believe me the thing is, she wants "it" :D


awenah forced! fe 3enhaaaa !

alah yekfenna sharhen ya rab !

Hopeless Poet

She probably thought it was ok as long as she said "astaghfur allah” after she did it with the father :P


I cant get over the shock
I dont think I will ever be, if you knew this house maid you wont believe it too!!!
bas yama ta7t el sawahi dawahi!!!


OMG that is so crazy! I ROFL! Stupid maid! Pity Manu, wallah meskeena, if I were her, I will claim damages from the maid for nervous shock!


maskeena walla! shdrach ymken forced mdam she's maid in weakness position. that's freaky! yalla mabrook 3la baby boy:P

A Journal Entry

aham shay enna she acts stupid!
ba3ad ya3ni shloon ebta7mil!



ihe '3abbiya?

maskeena chood she didnt know inha pregnant min sej? 7ram itseer tra? ymkin she fooled around bs o ma tewaqa3at inah what she did would cause her to be actually pregnant?

bs walla 7alla hal khadam!

Mean B



sorry MANU may god help you with your problem.

the only thing forced her is that swahili word starts with *N*.


bu6aaaaa6 bu6aaaaaaa6...

testing testing...



I think she was in denial during her pregnancy that she might have treated her grown tummy as 'kirsha' or something.. this is insane!

Maids, you just never know what to expect from them.


^I agree!


Thank you, that was extremely valuable and interesting...I will be back again to read more on this topic.


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