Monday, February 8, 2010

180 or 360?

Monday, February 8, 2010

When you say someone has changed.. Do you say 180 or 360?

Isn't changing 180 is changing half way and changing 360 is just making a whole round and going back to point zero??

Now people expect me to change now that i am a married woman (hehe sounds funny.. i still can't get used to that) but what is change really? Change of style.. Change of clothes.. Change of attitude.. Change of thoughts..

I just really don't get it.. Why is it just coz you got married you HAVE to change who you are just coz people would be happier that way.. Act like a lady.. Forget your old life.. Start a new hobby.. Get a new set of friend.. WHY.. Um coz you are married!!!

I don't agree that marriage should change your character.. I don't agree that marriage is an escape to b e something that you are not..

So here i am married and unchanged =)

happy and relaxed..

I had fun in Maldives... I am back and enjoying my holiday time.. chilling around and it feels so good not to have to wake up so damn early and go to work =)

Missing you all loads..

Thank you all for your wishes and thoughts.. May god grant you with the same happiness that he gave me =)

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WB :)))))))))

No identity..

Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaandy.... welcome BACK...
Did not expect seeing you here anytime this year ;)...

And Indeed yea, you don't have to CHANGE... you are just good as you are WOMEN... let me see you first and then decide if you have changed… it's not for you to say … loooool

Welcome Back again…


No you don't have to change. And don't ever let society control who you are.

Yes you'll probably be busier, have different tasks, more responsibilities - but remain the same person! With the same values, attitude to life, and feelings towards people. Always be who you are :)


Welcome back :D how was the honey moon ;)?

well screw those people, stay where you are, we Like the way you are ^_^


El7mdella 3ala salama :)
Well they say met'3ayra 180 daraja usually!
I've been in this situation my friends get marrried they hardly talk to me , they just simply change for no apprent reason so i took a vow never to change no matter what !
I am who I am, I got married like that and my spouse accepts me the way that I am !


don't like the type that change after marriage.. its like they disown their own personality and merge into their husbands personality..

good on you.. don't ever change..

Mean B

welcome back dear. mybe they mean to be come more 3aqla avoid the childesh things and unresponsibilty that people used to have before marrage you know . now you have yoru own house you have to take care of it and yoru habby no more mama baba sha'3ala will do it for me.

so when are you planning to show us what they mean by you have to change??

Married Sexy LiPs :P

hey sugar Bride :):)
welcome baaaaaaaaaaaack :) nice to have u back ;)

and the good proof that ppl shouldnt change after marriage is that you are back to writing in the blog :):)

gosh i miss you gurl!!!

aboooy chill these days then when u r back to work make sure u manage ur lunch outings :P with ur hubby and with ur friends :P and u better be Fair :P

I miss u so much Married SPongy :P:P

me 2 i cant believe you are married already :P

blbaraka inshallah

A Journal Entry

welcome baaack! =D
good for u.. dont ever change who u are ;)


i think it's 270 degrees ;)

don't change.. be the person u r comfortable with.. love the skin u r in...



walla standy,ur posts NEVER fail to make me laugh.I even feel your in my age (Single Spirit).keep it up,NO FOR CHANGE AFTER MARRIAGE =)


heyyyyyyyyyyy Staaaandy missssed you :*
welcome back sweetheart :*:*

you're not gonna change. I can tell.. I mean it's you!!! you!!


Aw, that is so sweet! You're right, you shouldn't have to change who you are when you get're other half should love you for who and what you are forever and not something else. Plus, I would be so sad if you changed! You're pretty cool as is, haha.

Also, 180 signifies a complete change. Because if you go 180 degrees around a circle, you end up on the opposite side from where you started (hence different) and if you went 360 degrees you're right where you started, and thus nothing is different.

Anyway, I love and miss you!!!!

Your American Sister (who has a new blog and thus new username)


Welcome Back and Congratulations once again sweetheart :*****


Nemo:: Thank you =D
and its nice to see you have stuck around this time ;)

No identity..: LOL!! thank you.. i didnt think i was going to be back this soon but i miss blogging =)

well i guess i will be seeing you this friday ;)
then you tell me =p

p.s i still wear those things in my hand, think i chnaged much??

Stimulus: Thank you =D
that is what i am trying to make people understand but they still insist on the married part and that you have to change..

Another-Penelope: awww *hugs* Thank you =)
the honeymoon was great =D
i had so much fun =)

Zabo0o6a: Allah yesalimik dear =)

Thank you, that is the attitude that i am looking for!!


p.s i did cancel all these friends who changed on me =)

FourMe: =D Thank you =)
For me, change is not even an option ...

Mean B: LOOL!! you know what mean B, i dont think i will ever be 3aqla, yes i take on the responsibilites and i accept that but my sanety was gone long time ago and i dont think it will ever be back =p

lol.. soon when i see you iw ill show you what i mean by change =)

Married Sexy LiPs: LOOOOL love your new nickname.. married spongy sounds weird =p

I guess writing here is prrof enough that i didnt change =p

e7im, about the lunch thing all i can say is allah kareem =)
inshalah khair..i will try my best =)

Missing alot wallah..

A Journal Entry: thank you =D
dont worry, me no change ;)

Nusy: ma a7san yekoon 90 =p

i love the skin that i am in =)
thank you =D

Candy: LOOL!! i am glad that i always manage to put a smile in your face =)

i am the same age as you are ;)
we are young forever =)

Faith: LOOOL!! missing you more honey.. yes i am not going to change,, i mean who can be your dumb frined beside me ;)

enhon85: SSSIIIIISSSTTTEEERRRR.. i swear the min i read the first line of this comment i was liek it sounds like my sisster lool.. i am so happy to hear from you and i am glad you have a blog now.. its funny that its about cooking, are you trying to teach me soemthing all the way from new york???

Love you and miss you loads..
p.s i have 5 pics only of the wedding and that is what i sent you.

Danderma: Thank you so much =)it feels great to be back =)

Roonii ♡






I Didnt read the post yet


=D =D

El7amdllah 3al salameh

hope u enjoyed ur honeymoon (:

Mean B



I missed out a lot of things here :( Congrats babe and yea I wonder why people say married people would changed! What would change exactly :S???


oohh yeaaah i soo hate it when pl expect u to change coz u got married! or like some of them try their best to change just for ppl!!!

i know a gal who just got engaged.. its like she's trying to change everything! i dont like it!

it either comes naturally coz ur life kinda changes.. so u jave to change a lil.. but not u as a person.. not drastically offcourse!

Rajesh Gandhy

Be what you are or what you want to be. Just bcos u got married does not mean you are a new person without a past. You are what you have experienced with the others till date. New experiences should only add-on to your old ones, not change you.

Wish you a happy married life.


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