Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stand Alone Not Anymore..

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I am on my way to my honeymoon.. I am going to the Maldives =)
See you guys in a month or two.. or i donno.. to be honest i really dont know if i will be back here again .. just wish me luck =)
Love you guys :*

p.s the logo is designed by Hamda, the mini cooper freak!!

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Mabrooook 7beebtiii :***

Allah ybarik lokom, o 3alaikom, o yejma3 bainkom eb kel hair o 7ob o sa3ada

Have fun ;)


Allah yaS3edech o Yhaneech
Mwafega Sis


congratulations standy! have a great time in maldives!!

and for the sake of all your readers, i hope you DO come back here :D

lots of love and best wishes!

A Journal Entry

congratulations! =D
enjoooooy oo tirj3een lina bil salamah enshallah =*


yaah yaaah honeymoon, have fun girl;)
nice el pics 3jebeen ^_^


Alf alf mabrook hon :****

U don't know if u will be back in the blog again?!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope ur just high on ur new life :p

Smart CoOKie

Awww mbrook .. inshallah u have tons of fun & romance.

Love the poster. It's so cute.


Can’t believe you’re still blogging !!!
Be good and safe
Love you :****

Mean B

Hey why the hell are you here while you should be busy !!

so which hotel so i can come and join you as planned :P

maldives you know a7isdish now remember the plan we were suppose to go together, ENJOY GIRL and please LOTS OF PICS for me.


Enjoy it :)

No identity..

LoooL ... I was not the bride and did not get the chance to blog or read any... today i login i see you updating every moment... looool 6a7 enech 3aroosa '3eer ..... Enjoy to the MaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaX honeymoon comes once ;)


haaaave a laaafly honeymoon.
etro7en o terje3een bel salama

the cooper freak is a good designer!


WOOOOOOOW..THE MELDIVES... NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE!!! hope you have fun standyyyyy... and KEEP BLOGGING.. plzz dont stoooop :D


selamat pengantin baru :) (think this 1 is easy for you to figure out after years in here)


allllf mabrook :) allah yhaneekm 7bebti w ys3dkm xoxoxo i hope u have a blast

Two Bitter Democrats

Oh my goodness that is so exciting! Hope you have a BLAST! I can't wait to hear about EVERYTHING! Miss you lots!!!!

much much love,
your american sister :)


aaaW ;* mabroook sweety ! allah ewafgkum ;)

Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique

Alf mabrook Standy wishing you all the happiness life can offer you deserve it

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