Wednesday, January 20, 2010

One More Day Left!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010
The highlights of the/my wedding preparations are:

1. I had a bridal shower/ party and it was AWESOME.. Thanks to No Identity, Queen Nusy and my buddy/cousin Sara for being there and making the event possible.. around 50/60 of my friends were there and it was something else.. i got gifts of all kinds =p hehe...

2. We had a celebration where my aunties got me gifts and stuff.. I wasnt allowed to be down with them as a tradition but listening to them from the stairs was FUN lool..

3. Next was the "washing the bride celebration" where they take the bride and all the aunties and grandma's gather with her and start washing her with "9andal" and i donno what.. Thank god that didnt happen to me ( i washed myself thank you very much) but we did celebrate the day =)

4. Today is the fourth and final celebration before the wedding.. Today is the "Henna Day".. So they apply henna and just celebrate it and do rabsha.. So there will be a local rabsha band, and girls putting henna.. its gonna be WILD!!

5. I tried what was suppose to be my dress but i really couldnt see it.. its like i tried a White bed sheet on with that is just hugging my body.. now i was told it wasnt final and what i was trying what the inside or something.. hmm, lets hope it will be ready by Friday..

6. i finished everything that i was suppose to do and now i feel like i forgot something or i am suppose to do something..

7. I got a sneak peak on my table arrangements and i am so in love with them..

8. i cant wait to meet my doctor =)

9. I dont feel like i am getting married!!!!

10. I am hungry..

*logs out to go and find food*

P.s Danderma: El count down is over and i am freaking out/ chilled out lool...

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Ahhhhhh girl I’m so excited for you
You know those Customs are really different than what we have in KSA they sound so much fun and kinda put you in the wedding mood gradually lol

LOVe you and pray that this new chapter will be the happiest ever and forever ya raab :*:*

Um Mit3ib

goodluck !!! :P

bita7anaiin for ur wedding ?

Um Mit3ib

nvm :P i didnt know ur from oman ;p


don't worry sis
InShallah everything will go your way
the wedding is gonna B perfect, u just need to relax

Good Luck, not that u need it =p

Smart CoOKie

7mass mashallah lol. Good luck on ur marriage XOXO


Awww, mabrook mogadaman sweeeeeets !

goood luck :**


me too, i don't feel like your gonna be married!! I thought me and you are gonna stay single like forever =P

I wish you a veryyyy happy marriage life ;*****

you did everything except ONE thing!! wain il bachlorate party,to say good bye to ur singlehood!!!


mabrook hun, im soooo excited for u
everyting is gona be alright :)

A Journal Entry

hope that everything goes as planned ... enjoy ur day! ;D


inshalla everything will go just as u want it to be :)

o mabroook :))))


Though i have never seen u before but i just know that u will be the most beautiful bride ever even if ur dress was made of a white bed sheet :*

Enjoy your celebrations Sweety!!!! o alf alf allllf mabrook hon :*****


looool.. ur gonna get laid? LOL.. thats the funniest :P hehe.. wish ya allllll the bestttttttt... and mabroooooook again.

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