Monday, January 11, 2010

Bridezilla NOT!

Monday, January 11, 2010
thinta3sh (lol funny)

Funny how one word can be said in many different ways..

So, I am running out of time..

This week is my last week working.. I am handing over my work (not that I have many things but I like how it makes me sound important =p)..

Tuesday night, I will be traveling to Dubai for business, and will be back Thursday night.. Now I am responsible for this process and I am going to visit the lab in Dubai 3ashan I see how the actual work is being done.. Lets hope I don’t feel sleepy and I do actually benefit from this trip..

Today it was raining since 4am till say 6 something am.. The weather is amazingly nice.. No mood to work.. I feel like having breakfast outdoors.. It’s a shame that I cant even enjoy the beach view that is in front of my office.. The temperature today morning was 16 degree.. That is VERY cold for me =)

Back to the number 12..
Apparently I have 12 days left before my wedding day.. Now lets see how my wedding preparations are going on…

I can honestly say I have no clue on what is going on… From my wedding dress to the other simple stuff.. I am clueless!!!

Hmm.. I just remembered that I need to buy something loool..

12 days..
And yet Standy is in denial!!!!

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No identity..

LooooL ... Indeed Bridezilla... you are such one deferent bride ;P


I’m so glad you just mentioned the “real number” according to earth time system ;D
Business trip? Really? A week before your day?
Ohh you’re defiantly in denial lol


U're married in less than 2 weeks and u know NOTHING abt ur wedding details ??!!
*eyes popping, jaw dropping*

God, these were the most intense days of my life, all feelings were magnified:
Double the happy
Double the tension
Double the excitement

DOn't miss out on this rollercoaster, GET INVOLVED!


Oh and Congratulations :-)


Ahhhhhh 12 days left :O!

Cant wait babe!


staaaaaaaandy standy standy...

mamaty today is the 11th, ya3ny buga 11 days mo 12 ;Pp

bas damich so cool aboiut it o travelling to dubai a weekbefore your wedding, shrayech tmureena hny blkwait ba3ad for a few days? ;Pp

Smart CoOKie

wow that's fast. Allah yshlik o yof8ik. =]


No identity: LOOOL!! wallah ana fi 3alaam o my wedding fi 3alaam!!

Faith: LOOOL!!! well, thankx for the lesson from you, i finally got it right!
De what lool =p
12 what?
*looks around*

Glitter: LOOL!! the more i get to know the more i freak out so a7san i live as the day comes =)

i dont think i wanna get involved =/ its too scary..
hehe,, thank you for your wishes =D

C: 0.o me no likey 12 days left!!!

mrayty: 0.o
you are kidding me!!
*standy counts*
11 days left!!!!!!!!

wallah yareeeeeet if i could do the detour thing and go to kuwait.. you know i should have searched for something in Kuwait and not Duabi =p

Next time inshallah ;)

Smart CoOKie: Ameen inshallah.. i've been engaged for awhile now bas i was indenail =p


I can't believe my wife is leaving me to get married...noooooo standy noooooo!

Hehehhe, all kidding aside, I'm so happy for you...and it's so nice to see someone not acting like a typical bride!!


allah ya3ne ur office is near to the beach!!!

re7laaa sa3eeda to Duabi,ur last trip as a single? =D
Say bye bye to singlehood xD



i just saw ur blog :D
n ur engaged :D
n ur getting married!
n ur still working a week b4 it! LOOL

goosh im soo soo soo happy 4 u :D
is there a story i missed?

how r stuff :D
yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepii im happy 4 u :D


alf alf alf mbrook :D
o allah ewfgkum wehaneekum:D

im happy :D


Wanasaa bride :D just relax babes,im sure it'll look perfect in anything ^_^

Um Mit3ib

tala7li7ay ya 7athy !!!!

New Bride

oooh Congratulations :-)
yalaah dear shdee 7eelich akeed your mom ma39baa 7adhaa :)

SexY LiPs

Hi Sweet Bride to be :):)

Well as i have seen this post today i guess you have almost 9 days left ;) and traraaa u'll b married officially inshallah :)

agool this Denial state will remain for a while :P i mean it might hit u after the wedding.. Especially when everything is over i meant the wedd. ceremony u'll b like ha!! what on earth all this running and preparation is just for few hours that will fly !! But the most important thing is to keep the sweet memory of it :)

i really advice u to have enough rest... though its a bit hard but try to rest as much as u can 1day b4 the wedding and please eat properly!!!

try ur best to complete everything at least 2days b4 the wedding sugar :) and if u need anything u know what to do ... " Don’t call me :P looool kidding" am all here for you i meant to say " Juuuust Whistle --- does this ring a bell :P " from TOm& Jerry :P" and ya u should also be sure that Widi is here too...

wish u all the best... "Safenjety" :P

i know u r in Dubai now... so i hope everything goes smoothly and as u wanted it to go and better....

we all love u... :)

Allah y7fathek



3ndch less than 2 weeks w mat3arfeen shlon shakl ur dresss 7ata! ahaneech 3ala borood a39abch il9ara7a haha i think would be having a nervous breakdown right now bas kafo 3alich for not having one!! allah ys3dch w ywafgch inshallah w im sure ur family and friends are taking care of the tiniest detail to make ur day an amazing one :*


loool.. and nooow u have... umm.. 6 days leeeft (if i counted correctly).. hehe.. did u happen to take a picture of that laaaab? O.O


if you havent noticed.. I'm totally spaming ur blog xP

Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique

Wow not long to go count down has defintely begun!

All the best in this new phase of your life habibty :)


Take a deep breath standy, looks like you've got an amazing bunch of friends who are ready to dedicate all their time to make your wedding night a night to remember :)

All the best dear, and congratulations, soon-bride-to-be! :)


ur getting married !


3aroosaaa... shakhbar il count down wyach?! :***

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