Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Freakin Count Down Has Started!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010
1. Have you ever seen the movie “7 Days to live”? If you haven’t seen it, it’s A MUST SEE!! That movie was amazingly scary.. I loved it.. Its not the SAW type scary.. Its more of thriller suspense scary.. You guys just go and watch it.. If you are a fan or horror movies..

2. Have you guys seen “Paranormal Activities”???? Now that is a MUST see movie too.. I haven’t seen it yet but I wanna watch it and I am too scared to watch it alone.. Bint El Wazeer was suppose to see it with me bas somehow it never happened.. I this she chickened out and she is just covering face by saying that she is busy lol!

Ok…. I kinda lost the point that I want to say here…

Oh I remembered it now..

So to reference movie No.1.. Its like I am on a bloody count down and people are counting for me (which I have to admit, its kind amusing and has a nice feeling to it) on the other hand I am completely freaking out!! You know when in the movie they come and say “You have 7 days to live” I kinda feel like that.. That I am running out of time and the day is approaching sooner than I want it to..

And to reference movie No.2.. Its when things happen that are out of your control.. Things gets done or being done that you are aware or not aware of.. Or when you see it but you cant control what is happening.. Yupe, that is how I am feeling..

Tick Tock..

I told my friend that I am actually throwing myself in the sea by getting married.. She replied saying “at least you can swin.. You will survive”

How is that sentence supposed to make me feel any better??!!!

Then I tell her “but I can’t swim” she goes and says “Buy that thing for kids”


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loved your friend LOOOL
she knows a lot


"We're so busy watching out for what's just ahead of us that we don't take time to enjoy where we are.”
so just dont think about throwing yourself thing :)


Faith: LOL!! yupe! she does.. i cant wait to quote you =p

Anonymous: LOL!! i like that!! i should think of the breeze that i am having now that i am falling =p


If you loved me you could have invited me for movie # 2... but i guess NOT


Nusy I do love!
But you dont watch horror movies :/


Awww Standy I couldn't imagine if its me! I hope I didn't get the "pre marriage phobia thingy" I guess its normal!

No identity..

LooooooooL .... love ur friend.. ;)

Ok, my advice is enjoy every movement and every second till the day comes... the big day just an event which will take place of few hrs... but actually the fun part is NOW the time you spend with ur family and friend preparing for each detail.... if i was you (my plans) will document every and each moment .... take pic, not pieces any things... then collect all this things in a book of "preparing for my Big Day" ... I hope you got the point... if not call me ;P...

Anyhow just think of today, how everyone celebrate, help, attend, come, bring, send atc atc... be cool, it will be over before even you know... "hugs"


I actually wanna see the second one yet I'm scared hehehe ur friend sounds cool:P




paranormal YSARWI3! 7adde khift!!


paranormal YSARWI3! 7adde khift!!


C: lool..i bet you are going to be better than me =)

No identity..: LOOL!! no offence but that is WAY to girly for me to do.. and if you REALLY knew me, you wouldnt have suggested something like that lool.. the thing is you know me and yet you suggested looooool.. NO WAY!! 3ad fa'9ya i document.. that is so not me!!!
You would have totally done that!!
talk to you when i see you today ;)

Another-Penelope: i also wanna see it =(
i saw a small part and i couldnt sleep for 2 days :s

mrayty: LOOOOOOOOOL!! enty bkoobrish akbar calander o reminder to me loool..

Mar8adoosh: that is why i wanna watch it.. i am yet to watch something the gives me the chills!!


Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!


Sweety this is a marriage... not a sacrifise on the altar of society...

you should be freaking out from happiness and anticipation not from fear...

If i were you i would try to stretch my bachelor days a little... until you are ready to pass into the lovely new life you are supposed to have with sheer thrill and happiness... yes you must feel fear but your happiness and excitement should overdose your fear :D Laish il 3ajala?


LOOOOOOOL @ ur friend..
what a way of freaki' u out ;P

A Journal Entry

widdy ashoof il 2nd movie bs i'm scared to do so! i'm afraid of what will happen to me when i'm alone and it's dark.. fa sh'allah 7adni?!

i think it's normal to get a bit scared now that a new type of life is approaching.. bs u'll get used to it =)

Mean B

First never see themovie you are talking about. second movie paranormal thingi.. ITS CRAAP i have watched it and i find it a stupid movie not scary at all. not worth the fuss people made about it.

honey its 3adi to feel that way you have lots of life jackets that can help you survive.


Dont watch Paranormal.. believe me you will be scarred for life! I threw my room key away , and I sleep in an unlocked/unclosed always lit rooom now !


Dont watch Paranormal.. believe me you will be scarred for life! I threw my room key away , and I sleep in an unlocked/unclosed always lit rooom now !


looooooooooool.. a very random convo.. LOVE! LOL!

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