Monday, January 12, 2009

Honesty Award

Monday, January 12, 2009

I have been awarded the "Honesty Award" by Dandoon and Another-Penalope

Let's start with the rules:
The honorees are to:
a) First list 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep!
B) pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap.

10 honest things about myself.. It is not enough that i had to write 50 random things about me, well unlike some people, e7im e7im i wont "CHEAT" from the random list.. :p

Ok, here are 10 honest things about me..

1. I am always feeling cold.. Doesn’t matter if it was winter or summer, I am always cold..
2. I hate up tight people.. Hey life is short CHILL!!
3. Sometimes i dislike the fact that my parents are known as i get a different treatment when they find out i’m who’s daughter (work and social wise).
4. I forgive and forget easily.. (people take advantage of that)
5. I love my car!! And that fact that its manual =D (I have a Subaru Impreza)
6. I don’t like to make my bed.. I like to go back to sleep on a messy bed. That way i get to continue my sleep, and surprisingly i do fall asleep faster on a messy bed than tidy one.
7. I am a very practical person.
8. Each friend/ group of mine has a nickname for me. I have like 6-8 nicknames (constantly used).
9. Sometimes i don’t see the obvious, what is in front of me.. I am usually clueless, slow and lost.
10. I am a very clumsy person.. I end up having bruises and pains and i just cant remember what i hit or when.

It took me a week to come up with all that!!

Since most of the bloggers are tagged already , i choose to tag the following:


If anyone else wants to do this, please do consider your self tagged..

11 Voices:


your honesty has an echo :)
well done!


Looool... i liked the massy bed thing... i guess i never knew that this habit exists ... maybe u r the only one .... hehehehe :D
By the way … I could not finish my 50 random things about me… :(


hey hey hey glad u have done the honesty tag, I've been waiting for it girl :D Lets see emmm

1) huuuh shloon y3ny always feeling cold @@
2)I know :(
3)ooouf thats the problem:P I feel you !
4) true it does take advantage, when I see somebody like jeeesh I keep repeating my mistakes to someone who's easily to forgive and forget:P
5)manual is good !
6)same same:P
7)good one !
8)tell me those nicknames if u dont mine (A) << malgoofa:P
9)what you mean? you can't see clear? jeeesh im slow minded:P
10) you better watch out while u step :P


ha3 ha3 penelope,i know wut she meant,coz am the same!!!
#2ppl often says;that u dead or did u come from the northen pole :D
how come that # 2 and # 8 is just the same,like me @@
weird! but i think coz we r cancers
viva 3 cancers'shu ye5e9ah?'

forgot to say! its me Candy=Venus
i've transfered to blogger community after so many requests from the bloggers <_<,
so cancel venus from ur list and change it 2 candy ^^
can i add u to my list ^^"
"مسوية مؤدبه :D

Ms. D

oh no! not that tag again re7mooony ;p ma3rf shakteb 3an nafse ;p

hmmm walla i swear ive done a similar tag before.. aw kan about creepy aw weird things.. i guess kan weird tag.. anyway ill keep the new tag to the least freakiest ;p


6 and 9 are so me;\



cheaters you say?

i wonder who that is...

bad bad people!



seher's shenanigans: Thank you =D


omanqueen: =D i bet i am not the only one bas lets say it is not a common thing to do... I can give you 10 things about you if you want ;)


Another-Penelope: Yeah i know i took too long to do it.. bas wallah i couldnt think of anything to write about me..
1) ya3ni i am always feeling cold.. bardana.. you will always see me with layered clothes lool..
4) We should be aware of your kind :p
6)Finally some one shares this with me...
8)Wallah they are many nicknames.. one of them is Spongy, another is my family name, um one is mangosteen, another is kiwi.. and others i'd rather not say =)..
9)Ya3ni, i dont get the hints and clues fast enough,, i always realize things when its too late..
10)I try to watch my step bas it never works..


Candy: LOOL!! YAY cancer girl.. WE ROCK!! great minds think alike ;)

I think yeah coz we are cancers, we have many common things..

Why did you change your name to candy??

And a7san you changed to bloggers.. it is much better and more convinante..
And yes please add me as i already added you without asking :p


Ms. D: LOOL!! when we suffer we suffer together.. lool. i did 50 things not long back and they asked me to do another 10..
LOOL!! yeah you do that,,, to the least freakiest.. hmm i am liking the wired thing tag now..


moi: YES ANOTHER 6.. wallah i thought i was the only wiredo..


ĐǻñĎõøðñ: LOOOL!! scratch your head hard and squeeze your brains, you MIGHT i say MIGHT find out who it is ;) :p


hi again,
lol stand,

I think yeah coz we are cancers, we have many common things..

Why did you change your name to candy??

& thats coz we hv commons like ur no.8;u said that u had 8 nick names that r used constantly,
ok! that's really scary coz i had
5 nick names that ppl r calling me often,see thats scary,its only coz we r cancers @@ LOL!
& it depends on my shellah group;
coll. friens,sister,best friends,
one of the nick names;is cotton candy
حلاوة قطن ،يعني شعر البنات :
اختصرته ل كاندي للسهولة
ناو ذا فريكن كيبورد از رايتنج ان ارابيك


oh,i just wrote an eesay to answer ur ques?
pardon me am talktive @@
i love cotton candy,its sweet,
i bet that u love it :]


Candy: LOOOL!! liking your freakin' keyboard lool..
I LIKE COTTON CANDY.. that means i like you too ;)
Thankx for the essay :p

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