Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mission Possible

Saturday, January 10, 2009
Now that i’m 1 kg away from my target weight a new challenge was thrown my way..
My Bestfriend promised me an “i-touch
My Diet Supervisor promised me a 5kg worth of chocolates from Germany..

The catch is that i reach 60kg..
And i say, BRING IT ON!!!

Starting weight: 66kg..
Target weight: 60kg..
Duration: Before i travel in the summer (somewhere in June-July)..

12 Voices:

Mean B

YEH get 60kg BEFORE travelling
then when coming back become double the size you went with.

Ms. D

yaaaay for u!!! count me in!

aby a7ad eshaje3ny..! aslan ma7ad shaja3ny 3al 27 ely i lost illa ana o 7asrety 3ala 3omre ;p

now that i have the stubborn kilos ely maly khulg i lose em... baqtil 3omre in gym elain age6 yad'hom mo bs age6'hom ;p

aby a7ad ysawele jawa2ez o mokafa2aaaat 3ashan ath3f!

better adalla3 3ala dad now (A)


Mean B: MEEEEEEEEEEAN B!! LOOOL.. wallah inti 5osh friend and tashjeee3.. i hope you get pragnenet soon!!!

Ms. D: YES,, i have support!!
la wallah no one shaja3ed you? dont worry, ana ashaja3ik.. 27 7elween ra7o and inshallah 10 a7la minhum ra7 eroo7o..

Same here, i have this stubborn fat that doesnt want go out...
LOOOL la dont kill your self.. lool.. nice one..

EEEE rooo7i etdala3i 3ala dad, then let me know what offer you got =)

Sexy LiPs

3aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad maaaa Gift waiting for you...

Goo Goo goo goo for it Spongy....

it's worth it ;)

agool u have loong time 2 reach the Goal but i know mashallah u can do it...

the 1st gift is so tempting...
but the 2nd one will spoil the whole diet and u'll gain all what u lost :P:P

lool so if u win the challenge take the i- touch and coz am one of ur best frnds... " i better be" u should give me the 5 kgs of chocolates :D:D:D:D:D:D i know u like me and u'll do the best to reach ur Goal....


GOOD LUCK sweetie =** ur gona have a longer time so im 110% confident you can do it!! bas yeah..5kg of choc..thats just gona put it all bak onn!!! looooool


best of luck inshalla :)


best of luck inshalla :)


aby =(


it was me in ur previous post,
i mean my sister problem with diet
bas mn el 7amas i forgot 2 write my nick ^^"
wow! that's amazing, GO GO GIRL
you will look sexy :D



Sexy Lips: LOOL!! 3an el 7asad.. trooomi 3al gift.. what are you going to offer me??

I wanna reach fast so i can enjoy my i-touch =)
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!! i thought you were trying to loose wieght too? what happend?

desertpalms: Thank you =) i hope so i can do it.. i wanna loose it before march inshallah..

LOL!! why are you people negative?! ok ana ra7 awaza3 2 of the 5kg for you guys.. Ha la tijo o tqoolo Stand-Alone~ didnt give us anything!!

Nemo: Thankx girl. Inshallah i will be able to do it :)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: you want what exactly? the chocolates? the i-touch? the challange? wala the loosing wieght? :p

Venus: I figured it was you ;)
I hopeed i helped with my answer =)

Thankx girl.. inshallah i will make it =)

Mea B

LOOOOOOO00OOOOOL pregnant by whom by you :P


Mean B: LOOOOL.. i am so not answering this Q..

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