Friday, January 23, 2009

Things To Look Forward For..

Friday, January 23, 2009
-I am no more Cinderella of the house.
(The maid is back and i can chill now)

-My sister arriving from the U.S on Sunday 25th.
(Emily I really cant wait to see you)

-My Diet supervisor giving me a lecture on how I am screwing my healthy eating habits.
(Its not my fault, my sister is getting married and i am celebrating)

- Having a long chat with My Doctor.
(And you better be free for me)

-Cant wait to see my little brother who be coming from Australia by next week.
(I MISS YOU SO MUCH, come back safe)

-Seeing my uncles and aunties who are coming for the wedding and having a full house.
(its been over 2 years since i last saw them)

-My one and only sister's wedding.
(ToHu, I will surely miss you)

11 Voices:


ha ha ha you gave the word Cinderella a whole different meaning lol


nice messages , hope they will reach them, i got touched with the last message to your sister , i can imagin how much you both will miss each other :(

Gone Bonkers.

Allah yjma3kom fel fara7 doom enshaAllah :D

libero anima

aawh a7es a lot of things are happening to u.. kash5a 7ammas =D
i hope u have a great time with ur family =D
w mabro0o0o0o0o0o0ok 3ala 3rs e5tich =D meneh el maal w menha el 3eyaaal =D
ko0o0l0o0olo0o0oleeeesh =D

Ruby Woo

your family is scattered all over the world.. At least it gives a reason for reunions!


yay! so many significant events!wanasha,kelah wala el routin at least u gotta so many things to occupy u ..
& u gotta hv the sexy body gurl,not ruining it! ur sis wedding is in the way,inshallah mowafa8ah ya rab ^_^
lol @ cinderella


Errant LOL!! i did didnt i lool!!

Muffin it will be very empty without her around..

Gone Bonkers Inshallah =).

libero anima Alla yebarik fiki.. Yeah alot is happening now.. LOOL @ your last sentence lool..

Ruby Woo lool.. yes they are.. yeah reuinions are always sweet =)

Candy Wallah ture, at least this is breaking the routin.. e7im my sexy body is gone from eating lool.. trying to get it back now :p
Ameen inshallah.. EE CINDERELLA RA7AT AYAMHA lool :p

mean B

what you became the OMANI cinderela.


Mean B: lool.. you wish!!


=( im still the cinderella of the house! no fairrrr dudeeeeee =(

(except that i usually make everyone else do everythingg and get away with it muahahahahah ;)

7amdellaa 3la salamaat'ha ams..hope ur enjoyinggg the family reunionnn to the max!! =D


desertpalms: maskeeena!! well you know atleast you get away with it, i couldnt get away with it :(
=( im still the cinderella of the house! no fairrrr dudeeeeee =(

Allah yesalamik 7abibti, OMG so far it is amazing to have her here!! feels so good =)

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