Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chocolate Cravings

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Well actually since I am dieting AGAIN, coz my sisters wedding is next week and I need to FIT into my dress and REALLY maintain my current weight, My Diet Supervisor decided to go TOUGH on me and be so EXTRA strict and my sister EMILY is NOT HELPING coz when she came from the U.S she DIDNT get me any sweets or eatable things under the name of ‘I care’ and per her words ‘I don’t want you to screw your diet progress and be the reason behind it’ (I was really looking forwards for the sweets)…

ANYHOW, as I was saying I NEED CHOCOLATE.. umm any suggestions what chocolate should I eat? Buy? Or even make from scratch??

8 More day to the wedding, 8 more days to having chocolates and coffee =)

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Gone Bonkers.

lol it gets even more crazier when you can't have it!
Allah ykammil 3alaikom w enshaAllah far7atkom tdoom :)

if you can't fight the craving, last i had was bounty and i love it! so have a bounty in addition to what other bloggers might suggest (unless you don't like it)


Inshallah Ameen...

I LOVE BOUNTY,, now i am craving for that too.. *sigh* the problem is that i cant have any till the wedding is OVER!! =( poor me!!!
bas i am so collecting all the suggestions so i can have a chocolate party feasta ;) you are invited to it =D

Gone Bonkers.

aww hehe thank you!! and in the meantime i'll do the eating for you ;)

i'll answer your question here, i don't speak hindi, just a few words i've picked up from movies, but i love to learn languages :D

Ms. D

hmmm... i recommend the mini chocs el3anoonat malot cadbury 25 cals each.. aw mini disks malot marks and spencer 32 cals!! intaf o ewansoooon!

aw kitkat!? ham mo wayed calories ;D

waaaaaaaaaaay stand alone we should nqawim!!!!!!!!! aby aqawem!! shakly feb 1st babalish akon healthy.. now ba7afeth :(


drk chocolate is good,
godiva has this special one with orange filling from the inside


You cut on coffee too?

Coffee is the main source of my weight loss.
you serious?


what the?
i dont wanna be tough,bas wallah u know,in ur sis wedding,all the eyes will be fixed on ur sis and
ahl el me3res o el 3aroos ..
you gotta shock them by how u look
anyways; u know that bounty is the best out there :P


Pardon MOI! But there are lots of good reasons I didn't bring you any American sweets! The first being, American chocolate and sweets aren't even good...the second being I couldn't find any Mentos anyway. And lastly, since you've already made so much progress, why ruin it with cheap, and not very tasty American "chocolate"....

So there :)

J o u J a™

i hate diet
this is what i am going through now
u can try the Canderel chocolate
its for the diet ,, but its not the good :(


chocolate .. lil drops of heaven :)

libero anima

lool !
no chocolates stand alone !
yalla be a good girl and sit in ur place and dnt eat chocolates for the next 8 days !
sha6oooooora =D;p


Gone Bonkers. LOOL!! make sure the right satisfaying amount, in return i will teach you a language ;)

Ms. D hmm i will go and check them out..

Ms. D SHAKO NQAWIM, now you were giving me suggestions and now you are saying nqawim o.0'

Bas la as we said, inshallah we will do this together and the right way.. To a HOT BODY!!

Karamilah not really a fan or dark chocolate or fruit flavoured chocolate, but your suggestion is worth trying..

F. coz i dont like black coffee, i like it with milk sugar o 7arakaat, and i am not allowed that =(

9eg you lost by coffee? how did you do that?

Candy LOOOOL.. first giving me motivation to look good then saying tasty the chocolate is loool.. wallah 7ala

Anonymous: LOL! Emily, i will argue my case with you later, still thinking =)

J o u J a™: LOL! thankx for the suggestion bas if it is not nice i dont want to try it :s

And welcome to the diet club, yo Ms.D, a new memeber we have.. Jouja is with us too =D

Errant: uhh Errant, you are not helping :s

libero anima: LOOL!! OK Diet Supervisor No.2 :p
Do i get a star??!! :p

Fastidious Babe

if u really really really need chocolates (and who doesnt? :P) then go for something with 80% cocoa.. that way its less milk n sugar and more chocolate! ;) and it isnt bad for the diet :P


Fastidious Babe:shaklu tomorrow first thing in the morning i will eat that!!
Thanx babe.. =)

Ruby Woo

ohh ohhh listen to this:

"Don't eat chocolates, but if you really dying to have one, always go for CRUNCHIE first and stay away from mars or snickers. Cause crunchie has the least calories out of all average sized chocolate bars" - Quote by my health instructor

Ms. D

80% choc is gar!! isfalt! 6a3ma mayshloon! ma ethoob bil 7alj 7atta!!!!

standy go for 70% aw 75% ahwan

Ms. D

bs ta3leq sgher.. tara dark chocolate high in calories.. as high as the regular.. maylesh ppl think its healthier! wut 3ashan anti oxidant:O ill eat a pear and barley and avocados and am better off! atleast 6a3mhom 7ilo!




busy busy ya dunia :D
i luuve wedding season,enjoy it to the max,o come back soon..

libero anima

yes u'll get 2 stars if you stick to ur diet schedule ! =D

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