Friday, January 16, 2009

19th Gulf Cup Semi Finals Scores

Friday, January 16, 2009
The last 4 teams standing were Oman, Kuwait, Qatar and KSA..
The last 2 matches where between
Oman and Qatar (1-0 for Oman)
Kuwait and KSA (1-0 for KSA)

Qatar and Kuwait better luck next time and it was really a good game to watch.

The Kuwaiti supporters where so nice, i even talked to one of them on my way out and wished him good luck as i gave him the Omani flag and he told me “inshallah el Kuwait fi el niha2i o el kas 3omani” I was like no no no, el kas for whoever wins.. bas he insisted, and he was like “tistahloon, tistahloon”.. awww so sweet of him… Just for the record i was supporting Kuwait.. I wanted the cup to start and end with Oman and Kuwait,, bas yala al7amdulliah 3ala kul 7al..

Here are some pics that I took from the stadium that show the Kuwait and KSA fans.. I didn’t get a chance to take the Qatar fans.. but i managed to get this pic of the Omani and Qatari flag united together..

Here are the Kuwaiti fans entering the stadium

Here are the Kuwaiti fans in the stadium
And here is part of the Kuwaiti support to the team, a flag of the country and huge teams t-shirt..

Here are the KSA fans

The Final is tomorrow and it is going to be between
and KSA

May the best team win.. Fair and Square..
I wish both teams all the best..

13 Voices:


all the best for all the teams,
even i wanted the finals to be with
Kuwait <_<
yallah,^^" all the luck inshallah,



elpics 7addhom ewansoooon! =D


looks like so much fun!!

ima be supporting oman in the final ;p


Candy: yeah alll the best and you better be with Oman..


ĐǻñĎõøðñ: OMG you should have seen it live.. it was amazing,,You better be cheering for Oman tomorrow...


desertpalms: It was so much fun.. bas akeed you know how it feels considering you attented football matches before :)


Yeah baby,, cheer for the winning team ;)

libero anima

i wish everyone the best of luck and may the best team win =)


all my family r cheering oman,
me also cheering oman,
coz Ksa is taking the cup almost every 5aliji cup ^^"

MeAn B

You girl, you have been attending most of the matching . did you get any khaliji dud there? or ..


b9ara7a ilkas 7aram maykon 3many hal sina, they really deserve it! .. 9arlhom 2 years bas y6l3on ilthany, o l3bhom ma 3laih kalam, fa min wjhat nathary hal montkhab 9ij ysathil ilkas hal sina


libero anima: :) all the best to all of them..


Candy: so true,, yala Oman deserves to win this time.. inshallah '7air..


MeAn B: LOOOL!! la wallah, they all suck.. mako 7ad yefeed el mujtama3..


nameless: Rayi min rayak.. not coz i'm Omani no, bas to be honest they really deserve it..
Thank you so much for your support and inshallah el Kas 3omani this time..

Ruby Woo

Mabrooooooooook il FOZ ;*

Tistahlon.. I really wanted you guys to win this year!





yaaaaaaaay! oman has won the
5alijee cup 19
u gotta update on this very quickly,
a very signifcant event ^^
wallah if u saw my family,they got crzay,saying:Oman,Oman,
lol,wallah 7amas el mobarah,
a7la shay enah in ur country and u guys won the cup.


Ruby Woo: ALLAH YEBARIK.. I AM OVER THE MOON.. thank you so much for stading with us :)

desertpalms: YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!! ALLAH YEBARIK *does a retarded happy dance*

Candy: YES OMAN WON!! OMHG YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN US HERE.. bas 9ara7a it was a nice game,,, OH I ALREAYD LOVE YOUR FAMILY *hugs from Oman for all of them*
Wallah true, the best thing, in our country and we got it.. al7amdulliah..

January 18, 2009 3:23 AM

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