Monday, January 5, 2009

19th Gulf Cup

Monday, January 5, 2009

Yesterday i went to watch the opening match of the 19th Gulf Cup.. First game was between Oman and Kuwait.. game ended with a draw 0-0.. 9ara7a i had so much fun.. everyone knew my name in the end of the match, even the guys LOL.. it was crazy.. At one point i stood up and i said loudly i might add "Ana Ashaja3 el Kuwait", OMG everyone turned and looked at me and gave me the look of "Oh you didnt NOT just say that!!".. lool.. i swear they were about to kill me.. So i told them, "hey i have Kuwaiti friends so im also supporting them".. All the girls were on me and everyone was like "If you want to support them go sit with them in their area".. Wallah 7ala.. but over all it was amazing.. The spirit and the tashjee3 and everything.. The game was fair.. although a bit frustrating and sometimes slow, bas both teams played well.. The second game was Bahrain and Iraq.. Bahrain won the game with an end score of 3-1..

Today Emirates and Yemen are Playing, and KSA and Qatar..
Good luck to all the teams and may the best win..

Here are some photos i took yesterday…
This was during the opening..
Part of the crowd cheering..
During the match..

17 Voices:

Mean B

so are you going to go to each and every match?



So that girl I saw on TV was you! :P


Mean B: no, just this one and maybe go for the final inshallah.. i'm too busy to go and watch each and every match!!

Amjad: LOOL!! i dont believe i was the only girl there.. But you never know, yeah it could have been me ;)


3ala rasy walh!

but the game was NOT FAIR! .. ilgoal ely gawalna ilmafroth yn7sb!

libero anima

hehehe .. that took guts to say =p

go0o0od luck to all the teams ! =D

can't wait for the game today ! =D


so gurl; i totally understand u coz i love Q8 ppl
all the best for all the teams


ana ashaje3 italy =D

the guys are hot ;Pp


wanaaaasa! i wanaa go =/

take me with youuu in spirit..;p


nameless: Wallah i donno about the goal coz i never saw the reply so i cant say, bas over all i found the game to be fair..

libero anima: lool.. yeah!! and congrats on the win :)

Venus: LOL!! WE ROCK!! loool..

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: umm same here shhhh,, dont tell anyone :p, plus the won the last world cup =D

desertpalms: afaaa, you dont even have to tell me, you are always wit me in spirit =)


lovin ur posts :ppp

so any updates ^^"
انقلعي !!


hahahaha ana la ashja3 la hatha wela hatha bs I really wanna be there, you're lucky :P glad that u had fun and uv been tagged ^_^


Venus: thank you =) hatha min thooqik =)

Wallah updates, UAE won 3-1 to Yemen and KSA and Qatar it was a draw 0-0.. Today there are no matches.. tomorrow inshallah..

Another-Penelope: Yeah it is so much fun going to watch a live match.. Hey you have to shaja3 :) tara fun, and we also keep on betting and all.. yala shaja3 your team, or 7ata my team :p, i dont mind.. since you have the blood ;)


akeeed 3maaaan 3la rasii afa 3leech;) yes bloodish (A) ashjaaa3 both mo mshkella bs i don't them playing im so busy bs tara fun to watch !


dont watch them playing**


Another-Penelope: it is ok if you dont watch as long as you shaja3 by heart :P


allah inshalla


Gee: inshallah all of them..

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