Friday, January 9, 2009

Diet Update #10 (Finale)

Friday, January 9, 2009
So here i am.. i reached the end of the diet,, this journey of 10 weeks was unbelievable.. I had my ups and downs with it.. I was so close to giving up so many times if it wasn’t for some amazing people in my life that without them this wouldn’t have been possible..

Special thankx goes to:
My Doctor and My Bestfriend, for the support and for being with me in every step and never giving up on me.. I am so lucky to have you in my life.. Thank you so much for making this possible for me..

My Diet Supervisor, for believing in me so much that it truly terrified me to the point that i did exhaust myself in wanting to prove to you that i can.. I could never afford to disappoint you. Plus your loosing weight story was really inspiring that it made me believe that i can do anything I set my mind to.

The WIMBAA shila, how can i forget the support of my friends during my work lunch break where they would go to a healthy place to eat just so that i can join them.. You guys are the best.. Thank you for your time and your encouragement..

Dandoon for her support always and sweet words of encouragement on every diet post and to the fact that she tried to diet for 3 days and celebrated the other 4 with sweets :p… (la I really admire the fact that you tried)

Despertpalms, for her unlimited support and her promising to send me sweets if i managed to loose weight which was a major encouragement.

Ms.D, as i read on her blog how she lost over 27 kgs in 5 months.. That was really inspiring and it made me more determined to loose the weight and reach my target.

Ruby Woo, for offering an ear to hear me complain about my diet and for her letting me know that the detox diet can be done by eating pancakes in the morning lool..

And also to my loyal commenter and supporters..
Meemz, libero anima, Another-Penelope, Gee, Cloudy Stars (not sure where she went), Queen, Sexy Lips, Woody, Muffin, Nemo.. and I am sorry if I forgot anyone.. it is 2am and i am suppose to be asleep yet I am here updating my blog.. *big hug for everyone*

Anyhow.. The conclusion of this diet is..
My starting weight is 73-74 (I cant remember bas it was in that range)
My current weight is 66 (I weighed myself yesterday)

I am so happy with what i achieved.. I had a dress that i stitched 3 years ago and i wore it once or twice and I couldn’t wear it again coz i couldn’t fit in it.. Yesterday i tired it on and it was perfect!! I looked so SEXY!! LOOL

Thank you all for everything.. *hugs*
Now *yawns* Good Night!!

P.s Desertpalm.. check your email =D

21 Voices:

Ruby Woo

Awwww ;* congrats on the weight-loss.

If only I could get back on track with my detox. But it's not fair.. it's winter and do you have any idea what breakfast at 8 am in the freezing weather tastes like? It tastes better than usual, how can I say no to pancakes? :p

Sexy LiPS

Wow! mashallah ...

Congratulations Spongy ;)

You did it ;)

True u look Sexy ;) Especially the day we came back after Eid Al-ad7aa u wore a top and a skert that mashallah looked so beautiful on you ;)

Congratulations Dear....

we should Party.... yay :) " lool am a bad girl coz if we party it means we eat and if we will do so mainly will be junk stuff!!"
better drop the idea of having a party ;)



i've been dieting!

its now down to 4 days of dieting and 3 of celebrating them ;Pp


well, im trying to refrain from wieghing myself though 3shan la at7aba6 ;Pp


am so happy for you wallah ;**


loyal commenter and supporters.. Meemz awwwwwwww i'm the first one there!!;p tanx!!;p

anyways your always sexy standy either in people's eyes or in the blog you gooo girl!!;p


mashhallah that's alot you know!!;)
goodluck keep it up hun!!;)

your sexy without a doubt and so is your blog

Princess Famme

ur NOT alone ... U GO GIRL ..



u should be very proud of urself!!

libero anima

whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow !!

kololololeeeeeeeeeeeesh !

i salute you for the amazing outcome ! well actually i wanna hug u *hugs* ! ..

great job sweety !!


Ruby Woo: Thankx doll! i totally agree with, it was so hard to diet in the cold, somehow all the nice food comes at that time.. Inshallah you will get your detox diet groove back soon ;)

Sexy LiPS: YAY!! I DID IT!! 3oqbalik.. awww *blushes* thank =)
LOL!! we should totally party.. I WILL GET THE SALAD :p

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: HEY!! congrats on being back on the diet, 4 days is better than 3 ;).. try to wiegh your self after a seirous one week diet.. that always pays off..

Thankx for your support love =*

MeeMzZ: LOL!! inshallah doom first =)
awww you called me "standy" that is cute!..
Thank you 7abibti for your nice words,,

TOOTA: *blushes* thank you girl and welcome to my blog =)

Princess Famme: how can i be alone when i have all of you guys =).. Thankx girl..

eshda3wa: Thank you =).. i am so proud of my self for reaching this far...

libero anima: LOOOL!! wallah you cracked me up with your kolololoeesh looooool..

*hugs your back* thank you dude.. =)


WOOOOOOW !! Congratulations!!

well done dear.. you done it!!
am happy for u ,its really a big achievement!! keep it up :)

so can u eat any thing noow?!! :)


C'mon girl! wuts the secret???
i wanna convince my sister to lose weight, sis wanna do a diet but NOT a diet that ye7remha mn el akl elle t7ebah <_<

So! wut was ur diet????????


Muffin: hey muff, long time.. thankx girl =)
LOL!! i guess i can eat anything bas 3ad not all the time ;)

Anonymous: Wallah no secret, just eat healthy, light breakfast, a fruit snack, then luch fish, chicken or meet and salad, then again fruit snack or dates and dinner something very light, yoghurt or vegetables and that is it =)

Tell your sis to stop eatting fatty food and she will loose.. =)

Mean B

i know dear you welcome any time i can be with you in each step. you know since i am your BEST FRIEND i have to do that :P


Mean B: LOOOOL!!! are you a DOCTOR by any chance? Second thing YOU WISH.. third, didnt i just kill you??!!

MeAn B

SO i am noboday in your life.
thanks :(

Ms. D

yaaaaaay am an inspiration!!!

sadgay wamnay billah ina lo ana D nizalt o edart anzil o a7afeth then kil el3alam can do it!

o my new goal is to lose 10 kilos...!! am 67.7 o wedy aser 58 aw 60!!! yaaa rab!

o well do it together.. aby anzil kil to nus kil aweek!


MeAn B: AWWWWW *hugs* la wallah you are more than my best friend in my life ;)

Ms. D: Yeah you are an inspiration =) i bet to me and many out there..

HELL YEAH BABY!! if you can do it WE ALL CAN DO IT!!...

I wanna loose, 5 more, i just wanna be 60..

Yala we can do it together, just let me know your secret :)
How to loose 1kg a week?


ANA ASHHAAD..ENA S.A is oneeeeeeee sexyyy ladyy with a MAJORLY-HAWWTT BODY!! ;)

dudeee im so proud of youu!!!


desertpalms: LOOOL!! Thankx love.. I am glad that you aprove ;)

Thank you wallah, i am also proud of my self!

Ms. D

my secret is no secret.. i just eat wutever my heart desires within 1200 calories aday

its pretty easy.. i know i might sound KOKO bs walla tmer 3ley ayam bs akil ryog o kakaw o toasta for lunch o baskota for dinner.. and id still lose weight

so count ur calories.. wayed ako sites online


Ms. D: bas cal count? sounds easy to do.. ok, inshalalh i will try and investigate and see how i can do this =)

Thank you =D

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