Tuesday, January 6, 2009

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

This is what you get when you cross the line.. HOW CAN YOU HAVE NO WA6ANIYA AND YOU DONT SUPPORT THE NATIONAL TEAM!!!
Ok when it comes to football and teams and supporting i become vicious lool.. dam o qabayil..
I hope the "Lesson" is Learned!!

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me lost! =\


ĐǻñĎõøðñ: My friend wasnt supporting the national team and she was being so pessimistic.. So i warened her to stop or i will kill her, and well, you know where the story ended ;)

Mean B

Have you seen the Searies Heroes?

i am that girl who when ever she gets killed or hurt she gets cured like nothing happen. :) the problem you dont want to know the truth that YOUR TEAM SUCKS BIG TIME. wahahahahah


hahhah you're hilarious


9j ma fhamt lool @@ sa3deeeeny


so who is she supporting? i mean which team if its not Oman !!
i think she is cheering Kuwait :ppp

Ms. D

shlich fehom! just root for whoever has the ball.. 3ade ashaji3 fareqy welly thedda.. 3ADEEE


nyxxie: =D Thankx :p

Another-Penelope: lool.. ok see my friend isnt shaja3ing Oman, and she is cheering for another country, and she was being so mean to the national team so i killed her :P.. as simple as that!! =D

Venus: La la i am not saying what country she is cheering for... no she is not cheering for Kuwait..

Ms. D: LOL!! la you have to shaja3 YOUR COUNTRY no matter what :).. yeah feeni wa6aniya zeyada shwaya lool

Fastidious Babe

lol congrats :P





chee bint bladi wila balash


i shaja3 the team which gets the kaas .
i dont watch football. so WHO CARES WHO WINS.


MEAN b: shaja3 who you want to shaja3 just dont talk bad about my team.. and i dont care if you dont watch football BAS I CARE ABOUT FOOTBALL!!

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