Sunday, January 11, 2009

Congrats to Oman and Kuwait (Again)

Sunday, January 11, 2009
I didn’t get to go to the stadium yesterday coz it was full so I had to watch the game at home bas with 20 people in the room, it sure still pays off…

Mabrooken lil foooz ams.. Great game.. Oman played really well and the goals were something else.. El-Kuwait tried their best and al7amdulliah they made it through..

Congratulations to the winning teams..
Better luck in the next cup fot Bahrain and Iraq..

Good luck to KSA, Qatar, UAE and Yemen for today’s matches..

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I was about to go there while our college giving us free ticket to see the match between kuwait and oman but didn't go, DAMN !:(

oh wait shloon both congrats,I mean who won? Oman or Kuwait?


Congrats to all of them!

libero anima

whoooooow wish the UAE the best =D

libero anima

whoooooow wish the UAE the best =D


Another-Penelope: AWW you missed it,, it was a really nice game.. Congrats to both coz they made it to the next round..

..::Amu:: isnahllah all of them bil tawfeeq..

libero anima: :( sorry dear,, UAE is out already :( :(


all the best for all the teams :)
al a8waa ra7 yefooz ^^
*excited* who is gonna be the winner team??


Venus: Inshallah the best will win.. i wish Oman to win ;)

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