Friday, December 12, 2008

Tagged by Desertpalm- 50 Random Things About Me..

Friday, December 12, 2008

Writing 50 random things about me proved to be harder than i initially thought it would be.. Ok, here is it.. Finally.. As per Desertpalm's tag.. I present to you.. 50 Random things about Stand-Alone~...

  1. I hate talking about my self.. La wallah i remember when i was going for job interviews, there is this Q that they always have to ask, so tell us about your self.. So you have to go on talking about you, where you grew up and blab blah blah.. Ridicules..
  2. I hate being centre of attention or all eyes are focused on me.. Well this is baaaad.. on my line of work i tend to give lots of presentations, most of the time I dodge that, bas not anymore.. *sigh*
  3. I am not the most confident person ever.. I may appear confident at times but deep down inside i am just like a little kitten who is scared of water loool..
  4. I looooovveeee eating.. My fav things to eat are hotdog, cheeeese, and chips..
  5. I love watching cartoons.. fav cartoon of all time is Tom and Jerry.. I never get tired of them, and when i am pissed, they can always change my mood :)
  6. I have like 460 contact numbers on my phone lool.. wallah my self i was shocked!! But i can say that i know around 150-200 personally..
  7. I don’t think of my self as a social person or an outgoing person..
  8. I am a very boring person, quoting my friend on this, she once told me “You are more boring than boring itself” lool..
  9. I love sleeeeeeping… if i don’t have anything better to do i sleep..
  10. I am a movie junkie..
  11. I am funny person with a very wired sense of humor.. Sometimes i crack my self up.. not everyone gets me unfortunately.. I am also a very sarcastic..
  12. I have a very wild imagination..
  13. I have a very nice heart and it always yewadeeeni fi siteeen dayha.. 6ibat el qalb mushkila.
  14. My sense of humour and intelligence is such a waste in the gulf.
  15. I always give everyone benefit of the doubt.
  16. I see EVERYONE as a good person.. Well, let me assure you that not EVERYONE is a good person.. Had to learn that the hard way..
  17. I honour friendship above everything. I value and respect friendship to the max. Friends are my world. They are the family that i choose to have..
  18. I am the worst person when it comes to comforting people, but somehow i always manage to make them smile..
  19. I am a sensitive person in denial (I blame my zodiac sign for this)
  20. I a dreamy and romantic person.. (again i am blaming my zodiac sign)
  21. I love SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS to pieces.
  22. I love playing and watching sports.
  23. I cant multi task easily.
  24. When i am mad i tend to like to sit alone listen to music, sleep or watch tv.
  25. I hate it when people gives me a time then comes 15 min late to it, and sometimes even more.. I am a very punctual person so that really pisses me off.
  26. I am so not a morning person, unless you wake me up for food.
  27. I hate shopping. (mainly coz i cant find what fits or what i like)
  28. I don’t have many things to say about myself.. Such an obvious and ordinary person
  29. I can’t leave the house without theses 3 things, my wallet, my phone and my sunglasses.
  30. People tell me that i am a moody person but I just don’t see that!! (lets blame my zodiac sign for this too)
  31. I read too much into things.. over analysing them.
  32. I am more of a sweets person than a chocolate one.
  33. I love playing video games.. any game i'm so up for it.
  34. I speak 3 languages.
  35. I am a very shy person..
  36. I have many business ideas but i am short in cash.
  37. I am a generous person. I give a lot to people and i don’t want anything back, well maybe i want a little, not much though :P
  38. I hate racist people.
  39. I don’t like yellow gold. Either white gold or silver.
  40. I wear glasses.
  41. As I grow older my interest in life becomes less.
  42. I don’t have a 5 year future plan. I live as the day as it comes.
  43. I have a bad memory when it comes to peoples names.
  44. I don’t memories roads easily. I always get confused on what road i should take or how can i get there.
  45. I have 1 sister and 2 brothers.
  46. I am a lazy person (in some tasks only)
  47. I talk to my self and have valid conversations and arguments.. Sometimes i win :)
  48. I am a watch freak and keychain junkie.. I have more than 12 watches and not sure how many key chains..
  49. Two things i would never dare to do in my life, drinking and drugs.
  50. I love you all my blogger friends :D

17 Voices:

Reem B.

Aaaaaaaaaah I know exactlt what you mean by "my intelegence is such a waste in the gulf"...

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE chips too! (if by that you mean french fries)

I am a very sarcastic person as well.

I definately love Tom & Jerry! :D

And by the way we are both cancerian. (so, we ROCK) :P


number 47!!

ambaih ambaih that was number 11 on my next list!!

wallah im exactly the same!!

remember this post?


oo i hate yellow gold too! either white gold or silver!

great minds think alike! =D

ps: what languages do you speak?

Ruby Woo

I LOVE talking about myself ;p

and I love being the centre of attention! I'm not an attention seeker, but I wouldn't mind one here or there..

I have the WILDEST imagination :p


wow nice 50 lists :) hehehe i know u hate to talk about yourself but u just did :D thats good !

you seem like my sister for most of the list and iv got to admit,you are boring person:P *hugs*

I do believe that cancer people are quiet but it attracts me;)


Reem B: Yeah french fries and other sort of chips, even potato chips!!
*hight five girl* cancerian ROCK!!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: LOOOOL.. YEAH I REMEMEBER THAT POST!! I felt like i was reading about my self LOOOL!!

Ofcourse, great minds do think alike! ;)

I speak swahili, english and arabic..

Ruby Woo: LOL!! 7adik the opposit of me... bas we agree on the imagination part:)

Another-Penelope: It took me more than 4 days to write that lool.. bas yeah i managed :)
LOOOL!! WALLAH 7ADDI a boring person lool..

Awwwww,, thankx doll *hugs back*

we attract you coz we rock :p ;)


some points are funny lol


yeeeeah loool some points you have there are funny!!;p hehe


Interesting…but I must say that you were harsh on yourself at some points!
U r far off from being boring,,,I find you a very confident person with excellent social skills…and u can always make me smile ;)


Nemo,MeeMzZ: lool.. yeah well funny but true facts :p

Woody: awwwww arent you the sweetest =) *hugs* thankx doll..


heyyyyy dear, i would agree with wooody, i think u were harsh (a bit) ..... and i must admit that i dont see u boring AT ALL , I see you one of the most social people I know …. well i use to admire you of being social .... looool honest confess .....


omanqueen: Hala wallah.. nawarti my blog :p... LOL!! i am giving my self a reailty check.. Thank you for your kind words.. and thankx for that confession.. i didnt know that =D



woooooooooooooowsers =P

ALOT of similarites but also ALot oof differences

for e.g..i HATE spongebob *hides behind a tree* pls dont beat me? ;p



*shocked look* sheno? you HATE sponge bob!! HOW COULD YOU HATE HIM!!!


So much for not liking to talk about yourself!!

You’ve got 50 good points that I would never come up with if someone asks me about me!!! Actually it was boring then boredom itself ;)
U know that special friend who you love so much was kidding when she said that, aight!
Love love


Anonymous: LOOL!! yeah akeed you would know what you said!! i am not sure if i LOVE that special friend anymore now :P


Just to let u know am reading.. :)


Just: You do make me happy =D

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