Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Wednesday, December 3, 2008
Wow,, the weather is absolutely AMAZING!! Since morning this cold breeze was there,, driving with the window down, wishing if i had a convertible.. Leaving the office at 4pm and rain is there,, not heavy bas the point it was there lool.. loud music, driving in the rain, close to sun set time.. INCREDIBLE..

Today i going out with my parents and sis to have dinner at chillies and i am so craving for a steak!! Donno if my doctor would allow me to eat that! Maybe I shouldn’t tell her *evil smile*.. and just do as Dandon said ‘No pain.. GOOD’ lool…

Oh my parents are leaving the country for 3 weeks.. and you are all invited for a HOUSE PARTY tomorrow at 8pm, my parents place.. bring whatever :D

Off to get ready for dinner.. thinking of the steak *ddrroolllsss*

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i think a steak would be ok long as its well done...not too sure thou ;)

and i am totally in love with the weather nowadays! its just GORGEOUS!

i take the longest way back home (involving touring the whole of kuwait in the process - very wain ethonak ya ju7a style ;Pp) just cz i enjoy the ride so much ;)



me waaaaaaaaana go to a house partyyyyyyy



damnitt..y u have to live so far awaay haaaaaa..its all ur fault =(

Ruby Woo

Ahhh my favorite things is driving around with the music blasting while it's pouring outside!

lol Dandoon, I do that too.. I take the longest route home!

Sexy LiPs

:) اللهم صيبا نافعا
@ one point yest. i was depressed as i get depressed easily with such weather but around thuhr prayers i acutally liked it but later got depressed more!!
strange ha!!
well as they say in arabic
خالف تعرف

so have you enjoyed the dinner Spongy ;)Company wise & food wise ;) as i always say there is no harm from doing it once in while ;)

ان غاب القط العب يا فار
I'll be so bad and tell your parents :P:P lool
am kidding....
الله يرجعهم بالسلامة

I guess i should say this now .... if u need anything we are here SPongy :)
regarding the Party mmmmmmmmmm do we have to wear special outfit ;)


ĐǻñĎõøðñ: yeah she told me i can have the steak bas lil 2saf we didnt go to chillies :(

Yeah the weather is just amazing these days and our forcast shows will be having rains every now and then :)

I wish if i could do that, take the long way back home, usually i cant coz i have lots of commitment by the time i leave work i need to rush to them :(

Desertpalms: Yala come,, book the flight NOW.. it is never too late ;).. you have 3 weeks till my parents comes back :D

Ruby Woo: OMG tell me about it.. man i am so calling my frined with the convertible car so i can drive it with the music loud and she can just sit and relax :D

Yesterday i did take the long way home.. it was a really nice drive..

Sexy LiPs: I dont get how can this weather depress you,, bil3aks, it just makes me lazy and all i wanna do is just relax :)

LOL!! wallah you are strange,, hope you got over the depression coz as i am writting this the weather is just GORGEOUS out,,

Nope, the dinner sucked.. i didnt go to chillies, we went somewhere else i ended up eating ribs which was not teasty AT ALL.. blah...

LOOL.. yeah parents are gone, as i said,, PARTY TIME!!!

Inshallah will do, thankx for your offer :D.. *hugs*

um about the party, wear whatever makes you feel comfortable ;)


will there be beer?

I miss beer ......


KTDP: Nope no beer.. :)

Reem B.

Hey..... ENJOY YOUR STEAK :D YUM YUM YUM...... am hungry now :(

LOL @ the house party.


how was the party? hope u had fun ;) was there any mr bean dancing? hehehehehehe


Reem B: i didnt have the steak :( wallah i am so disappointed!!

Desertpalms: Wallah mako house party.. i was too lazy to make one, bas i promised them next week a movie day at the house.. weee dont remind me about the Mr.Bean Dancing.. After the last party my friends were coming up to me saying i heard you danced and jumped and you were so goofy and you were like all over the place.. LOOL..

Mean B

hmm.. hi me want to party me borred and want to go and party


Mean B: hey the movie day will be next week friday, you are most welcome to come :)

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