Thursday, December 25, 2008

Cinderella Of The Month

Thursday, December 25, 2008

I cleaned..
I cooked..
I washed..
And entertained!!

I’m tired and exhausted…

So officially i am Cinderella of the house. Since we have no maid and now that my parents are back i officially announce that my social life is dead, and my new sports life will be the house work lool..

It was such a long day today.. I’m off to sleep…
Good night world..

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yi5dimoonich fi 3irsich inshallah


Ameen inshallah =)


I experienced that once in my life too, e7m, I had to baby sit my sis twins, cook, clean and iron ...etc. It was horrible but I learned a lot.

btw as 3anooda said, y5dmoonch 3roosh inshallah :)

Princess Famme

well you'll never know .. you night end up taking Prince charming and living happily even after .. :D


noum el3awafi 7beebty ;**

J o u J a™

ya36eech el 3afya sweets :*
and noom el 3awafie

Fastidious Babe

think of it as exercise.. just remember to suck ur tummy in while ur working et viola! hope u slept well xx


way allah y3enech .. i hate haouse work ;@


find a way make housework funnnn ..thats what i do =D

and least cinderella gets her prince in the theres a silver lining

cute boxers btw ;)


hehehe good for you cause your not the only Cinderella here so i know how it feels :( but have a rest ^_^

Ruby Woo

you should protest!!!

Sexy LipS


welcome to the real world :):P

believe me House Work is the Best Excersise Ever ;)


Karamilah: LOOL... maskeena.. well thank god there are no kids at home.. i already know the lesson, i dont need to learn it AGAIN :p

Princess Famme: weeeeeno this prince charming?!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ:Thankx doll! i did have a good sleep :)

J o u J a™: allah ye3afich 7abibiti, thankx =)

Fastidious Babe: LOL!! OMG YOU REMINDED ME OF MY MOM LOOOL... she ALWAYS says that to me lool..
Yeah thankx, i did have a nice sleep

Gee: tell me about it,, 3ad ana shkither i hate house work, you have no idea,,

desertpalms: house work can NEVER be fun to me,, i enjoy cooking more than cleaning..

Hatha el prince, i donno when he will show his face...

LOL @ the boxers lool.. thankx *^^*

Another-Penelope: YAY!! Another Cinderella is living my story.. lool.. oh i am so sorry for that girl..i FEEL you there!!

Ruby Woo: wallah? you think that is wise considering i am still living under the mercy of my parents?

Sexy LipS: HELL NO!! house work is not fun and can NEVER be fun.. cant wait for this nightmare to be over!!

The only excersise i do is sports, nothing else can take its place :)

Mean B



Mean B: LOL!! shofti kaif :P

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