Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Diet Update #6

Tuesday, December 2, 2008
Too many screw ups happened with me getting my period and craving for MANY things and actually eating them and going to Dubai which made it even harder to maintain the diet situation.. I would have liked to cancel this week from my diet BUT 2 things made me happy and i feel so good about them..

Yesterday i decided to see my weight and what is the amount of damage that i managed to achieve in this week.. I was 70.2 last week, yesterday my weight was 69.6… now 500g may not be much but the fact that i lost means i can do it even if i mess up a bit, bas the highlight of the number is that i actually managed to get my self below 70.. and that was my biggest concern.. I AM BELOW 70.. you have no idea how long it has been and i haven’t seen the 60s lool.. the second thing is today i decieded to wear an old jeans and guess what YES.. I went smoothly with no force at all to pull it up :D…. I am way beyond and extra happy !!!

I still have hope…
4 more weeks to go till end of the year, and the real count down has started!!!

Week #7, here i come….

8 Voices:


i have decided to start dieting properly after 3eed!
this time for sure!!

really really i promise!!

wallah wallah!!


loooool Dandoon inshala u will..

Yo Dreams, i can see u r still hiding the diet away from me.. FORWARD IT TO ME NOWWWWWWWWW


ĐǻñĎõøðñ: LOOOL!! i will so haunt you with that!! inshallah you will.. If i can do it, surely you can... :D

Queen: a39ab el mazaj!!! damn it woman CHILL.. go check your mails.. it is already there...


my conclusion is screwing and deviating abit from thediet when necessary will have no Harm as they say " once in a blue moon " ;)

:):) ya can i c that jeans of yours please ;) happy for you wallah that u can fit in smoothly 3qbaly ya rab when i fit in most of my old clothes!!! :(:(

Keep up the good work Dear...


WOOOOOOOW! am so happy for you dear ... U could do it!! :)

ita really a good accomplishment.. keep it up till i see your body look like one of the Model.. looool


Anonymous: LOOOOOL.. nice one.. well i guess yeah :P

Afaaaaaa,, when i see you i will show you.. :D.
La inshallah you will be able to make it.. with my guidness you shall LOOSE!! lol

Muffin: MUUUFFFIIIINNNN!!! weeenik min zamaaaaaan... i miss you girl.. yeah shufti kaif,, i bet when you see me now you wont be able to recognize me :P..


donttt have that much timeee to write a big fat commmeeent but jus wana saaaaaaaaaaay





Desertpalms: HIIIII rigth back at ya.. ohh no big fat comment for me :(

well the fact that you wrote means ALOT to me!!

here is a big fat kiss for you MUUUUWAAAAAHHHH :*

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