Wednesday, December 31, 2008

End of a Quarter Century

Wednesday, December 31, 2008
After 25 years, i choose to close this chapter of my life and look forward for another healthy quarter of a century.

The last 25 years has gone so fast.. The first 15 years, i was clueless on what is it that i am doing and the last 10 i was trying to deal with the crap that life is throwing on me..

In each year that passes by, things accumulate and i tend to carry it around with me for as much as i can.. Though sometimes i’m captivated by these things that they weigh me down and i don’t really progress on where i want to go. Each year i say this is where i will finalize this thing and get over and done with it.. it never happens.. there is always something new that gets added on it and makes it even harder to let go. But not this time.. I am determined to cut off all my attachments to the past and start plain and fresh. I choose to let go of all these things that hold me down which are purposeless and useless.

Before i close this chapter i just want to say:
"to all the people who hurt me in the past i truly forgive you, but that doesn’t mean that you have a place now in my life.. I choose to let go and take a different direction in life where you don’t exist. "

"As well as, to all the people that i hurt, i am truly sorry and i deeply apologize, it was never my intention to hurt you and i am sorry if i was too honest or too brutal. I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me."

"As for the people who i hold dear to my heart and who share my life and my world all i want to say is 3asa rabi ma ye7rimni minkum."

I made right and wrong decisions, i had my ups and downs.. Let’s hope that i do learn from my mistakes and make the best of what’s yet to come..

End of a Chapter One..
Turning page one of chapter two..

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Happy new year :)


happy new year!!;p


happy new year sis ;**


they forgive you too :)

happy new year and hope this chapter of 2009 would be more creativity and enjoyable and more alive to you :)


may you have another 500 years on this god forsaken planet. I'm content with the 26 I have ...... this life isn't worth more than 20 years of hard labour ......


impressive! outstanding! well-written!

looking forward to read chaper 2 :)

may your new year be as wonderful as u


omani girl, thats super COOL ^____^
hi sis,
new commentor ^^"
happy new year,
hope it fills ur heart with all the joy and happiness
all the best


omani girl, thats super COOL ^____^
hi sis,
new commentor ^^"
happy new year,
hope it fills ur heart with all the joy and happiness
all the best


Happy New Year..

If everyone forgives everyone...
there wont be an upset soul in the world.

if only.


happy new year:)


Nemo: Happy new year to you too sweety :)

MeeMzZ: Wishing you the same, happy new year :)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: Hope this year will be good and kind to you :)

Another-Penelope: aww i hope so :) i hope they also forgive everyone..

Thank you so much for your wishes.. Hope this year will be so kind to you too :) *hugs*

KTDP: I totally agree with you,, Just lets hope we still can make the best out of it :)

Queen: Thank you for your kind words,, As for chapter 2, i bet you will be in it through out the years :)

Wishing you a happy new year :)

Venus: LOL!! HEY YOU.. welcome to my humble blog.. I wish you the same and more dear sis.. *hugs* and happy new year to you :)

Khayala: *sigh* if only,,
Well lets hope and make the change start with us :)
Happy new year to you too :)

moi: Thank you dear :)
wishing you a very blessful year filled with joy and happiniess
happy new year to you too:)

Ms. D

i turned 25 a couple of months ago.. and ur post captured the essence of my true feelings towards hal scary new phase in life.. feeling that abaih shlon ana kubart.. hal ma3qol ana hal kober? ma china taw am 15? where did those 10 years go! bring em back!!

shway shway u realize wut a difference those 10 yrs have made u shape into.. the ppl u met.. lost.. knew.. affected.. etc..

twenty five.. always on time... ur 25 now for a reason... choose wisely and never let any chance wala 7ata glimpse of a chance to happiness slips away from you



to a beautiful year to come..=***

Sexy liPS


powerful words mashallah 3leeky...

Happy New Year,,,,

3sa this year b better than the previous 25 years!!!


Ms. D: Thankx alot for your comment.. I totally agree on all what you said...i still wonder what happened to thoese past years.. bas as you said, to choosing wisely and not letting a chance pass by..

desertpalms: Ameen to that! inshallah for all of us...

Sexy liPS: :) Thank you.. Inshallah this year and many more to come will be '7air on all the muslims and the nation..



MeaN B

From where did you '3eesh those words??? i want the book :)

happy new year dear


MeaN B: lool.. wallah 9a7 you are mean.. i didnt '3ish anything.. i wrote is from my heart :p, once i publish a book i will send you a signed copy lool ;)

May you also have a happy new year..


Wooow,,, I was touched with ur words...

Wish you all the best and inshallah we will be together to share your fourth quarter... hehehe

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