Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Diet Update #9

Tuesday, December 23, 2008
Ok this week was i donno even how to say or what to say about this week.. so better me no say anything other than my “Diet Supervisor” is not happy with me and she is loosing hope on and giving up.. My weight didn’t drop but certainly inches did.. coz I can wear things now before i couldn’t.. My fat face became thin, 9ar 3endo shape not before like ba6ee’7.. I feel great…

Ok, so this week i would give my self an honest rating of 50% on track… I KNOW I KNOW, bas wallah i tried, I’m pmsing and it is ruing everything for me.. Bas to be honest, i really screwed up twice, once i was invited to my uncles for lunch and once coz i was invited to a party.. Ma 3aleena.. ra7 Inshallah a3wa’9ha..

So one more week is left!! The Final week.. This week determines my future, it is either i fail or succeed!! The final weigh in will be in the 1st of Jan, first thing when i wake up to get the correct reading..

Clock is ticking and stand alone is.. wallah i donno what stand alone is doing

Dandoon, How is the diet going on?
Desertpalm, I don’t have my 'Mr.Bean dance' movie bas you will get the pics.. can i get my sweets now?

3 Voices:




you see....

fine!! i destroyed my week! i dieted for 3 days and quit for 4!!

bs i was sick! so i had an excuse, right?


please say right =(



dont screw it up noooowww.....its not worth it!! yalaa get back on track and be gooooood so you can indulge yourself on my sweets properlyyy!!!


ĐǻñĎõøðñ: LOOOOOOOOL.. OMG lool..i like the 4 days off.. you know fine, just coz of the exams and coz you are sick.. NOW YOU HAVE TO GET BACK ON TRACK!!!

Desertpalms: *hides behind dandoon*
*sigh* i should right? after all what i've been through it is totally not worth it to screw it at this point.. la inshallah this final week will be make it or break it.. ohh and with the promise of the sweets, i am surley gonna do well!! =D

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