Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Onions On Wheels

Wednesday, December 10, 2008
I was chatting to my bestfriend "Tomeh" (she is not Omani) and she was talking about how she was putting on eyeliner and how her eyes looks like and i am not going to spoil it for you.. Go ahead and read LOL!!

•ToMeH• : my eyes look like a kid sketch book
Ŗємiתіs©îηĞ: LOL!!! nah,, i bet they look gorgeous!
•ToMeH• : no no
•ToMeH• : walla hey look like a street that was teg7ee9 feeh
•ToMeH• : prolly u will ask sheno teg7ee9
•ToMeH• : thats when the cars do 8 and stuff
•ToMeH• : u know .. yeg79on
Ŗємiתіs©îηĞ: loooooooooooooooooool
Ŗємiתіs©îηĞ: i got the meaning we say it differently
•ToMeH• : ha, sheno yesawon el cars ?
•ToMeH• : u know they drive so quick then they turn around and stuff
•ToMeH• : what do u call that ?
Ŗємiתіs©îηĞ: yeshawo7oon
Ŗємiתіs©îηĞ: tashwee7
Ŗємiתіs©îηĞ: ashawa7

•ToMeH• : looooooooooooool
Ŗємiתіs©îηĞ: lool
Ŗємiתіs©îηĞ: funny huh
•ToMeH• : yeshaw7 thats what we call for flipping the onions and stuff on a pan
•ToMeH• : sho7ee el onion ya3ni qalbeeh around
Ŗємiתіs©îηĞ: looooool
Ŗємiתіs©îηĞ: onions on wheels

•ToMeH• : looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
/Ŗємiתіs©îηĞ: *imagines*
•ToMeH• :draw me onion on wheels

As per your request, here is where my imagination took me..

14 Voices:

J o u J a™

the drawing really cracked me up ;p
the way you imagined the thing is really funny ;p

Ruby Woo

ohh we use 'ashooo7' also ;p

lol the drawing is funny!



u 2 are craaazy =p

i like crazy!

btww laaa makoooo video of my cheer until i get a video of mrbeean dance!!


hahahaha niice << not much knowing arabic



Sexy LiPs

mashallah good imagination ;)

P.S mmmmmm i dont know why when i saw the drawing i pictured you as Maroocoo :P

forbidden love


we say eyshaa777ffooon wellatt :P


LOOOL wallah ana 7adi tu7fa..

Forbidden love, eysha7foon here means stealing LOOOOOOL.. ya3ni ysraqoon or ya'3thooon without you knowing LOOOOL.. funny how one has way too many meanings lool..

Reem B.

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.... you know shoo a7laaaa shay in the drawing????

the fact that you guys bothered to write the word "TEFAL" on the pan HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Reem B.

hmmmmmm we say "y9ayyi7 weeelaaat" lol


Reem B: LOOOOOOL!! yeah lazim 3alamat el jawoda!!


LOL, hehehe :P the painting is hilarious,

hey, since we're sharing synonyms :D
there's another word 4 it in Saudi
they say "yefa7e6" verb.
"taf7ee6" noun

love ur blog :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Lulwa: Hey welcome to my humble blog.. glad you liked it =D..

LOOOL.. wallah so many words yet one language and one meaning..

Thankx for sharing *hugs*..

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