Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Day At The Park <3

Sunday, December 14, 2008
I've been feeling down for the past 2 days.. So my bestfriend 'Merry' decided to do something out of the ordinary, instead of just sitting and talking to or just hanging out.. Yesterday she called me and she told me get ready i am coming to your place and after maghrib we are going out.. I was like out ween ya mama? i am tired ma areed to go out... She said mo 3ala kaify.. I laughed and i told her fine, amri lillah.. So when she came to my place i nagged on her head to where we are going in the end she said '7adiqa'--> PARK!! do you know how long it has been since i went to a park, god last i remember going to a park was in Nairobi in 1994 0.o..

Anyways, why not right? i mean i need to change the weather and do something different.. So as we were walking in the park, she went to this guy who sells helium balloons and got me this to cheer me up..
OMG aint she the cutest!! wallah i laughed, la ba3ad she didn’t have enough money to buy it so she was telling the guy who is selling it "ana bas 3endi hatha el amount o areed ashtiri hatha el balloon 3ashan hatha baby kabeer za3alan, yereed yefara7" LOOOL!! OMG.. yeah and i had to walk with the balloon like a happy small kid with a smile on my face for an hour or so.. bas wallah the weather was nice and it did change my mood and the balloon made me remember the younger days :D

Merry, i love you so much.. Thank you for always being there for me.. MWAH :*

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Cloudy Stars

ana widi arou7 il park, wallah it's fun!! especially il derefa:p

w ham the feeling of eni ib park gives me peace..

Cloudy Stars

btw glad ur happy;)

inshallah doom:D


good u had great day at the park:D


Cloudy Stars: The park was totally peacful, it was so nice, i wouldnt really mind doing it again :)
Inshallah doom all of us are happy :)

Another-Penelope: Thank you :) i did have a good time :)


awwwww ;**
7addkom wanastooony ;**

allah e5aleekom 7g ba3ath =D


ĐǻñĎõøðñ: =D,inshallah doom mustansa..
inshallah ameeen...Thank you.. :)


I hope I was able to make you joyful & cheerful as your close friends do!!

Stand-Alone~ I am thankful you are happy now and that there are friends who really know how to cheer you up...
Hope you will always be in high spirits



shoo cuteee

but whyy dus the bunny have one ear bigger than the other?

whyy moommyy, whyyy ='(


Anonymous: I am not sure who you are but if you know me well the defenatly you do manage to make me smile!

Desertpalms: LOOOL!! the bunny is retarded kama 9a7ibuho :p

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