Sunday, March 1, 2009

Destination: Kuwait..

Sunday, March 1, 2009

It is time of the year where I am required to break the routine and do something different for a change.. There was a debate on where I should enjoy my short break:
1. Bahrain, with mom coz my bro is there.
2. Dubai, with Mom and my aunt and cousin, just for the sake of it, some road trip enjoyment.
3. Kuwait, with cousins and friends, we have never been there and why not go to a new place.

After a 2 weeks of weighing our option, my family came to the conclusion, since dad will be going to London for business, mom will be going to Dubai, me and my cousin decided to ditch them and travel to Kuwait for the weekend =)

So here we are 5 girls from Oman are planning to go to Kuwait.. Now all I need is some info from my dear Kuwaiti bloggers or anyone who has been to Kuwait..
I need to know the best
Theme park to go to?
Restaurant to eat in?
Café to sit in?
Shopping Mall?
Place to hunt for hot guy?

And it would be nice if you guys suggested a place that is like a MUST to visit or see..
This is gonna be fun!!!

Hey ĐǻñĎõøðñ, WEEEENICH?? 3ad yoom ana ra7 ayi el Kuwait entay en7ashti, 3ashan ma ti3zimini 3ala triple whooper huh!!

Desertpalms: my dad will come to London, can you please wrap the quadriple whopper burgers and give it to him so he can give it to me?!! ( I will pretend that you and Dana and Queeny are with me when I eat it =D)
and please don’t forget my chocolates too =p (I did loose weight you know)

Libero: I promise inshallah next time i will come to Duabi and we will go crazy there..

P.s If anyone can send me a plan of how to spend a whole day in kuwait, i will be so grateful for that =)
P.p.s I will be arriving to Kuwait on thursday evening 5th of March and will be leaving back to Oman on Saturday Afternoon, 7th of March

27 Voices:


oooh ur coming to kuwait !

yay !

ok email me oo ill send u stuff to do

tell me what u have in mind

tabeen museums


great food

libero anima

laa laaa come to DUBAAAAAI !


o Saudi ?? u never think about it ???

ana z3elt '7ala9 .. :(


Theme park to go to?
- 7adeeqat eshe3eb

Restaurant to eat in?
- Asha's (Indian)
- Maki or Wassabi (both japanese)
- Peacock (chinese)
- gaucho (steaks)
- Slider station
- Prime & toast
- cafe blanc (lebanese)

Café to sit in?
- The living room Lounge
- Living Colors
- Coffee republic
- caribou

Shopping Mall?
- Avenues (Fe kelshay...)
- 9al7eya (for elegant things)
- Fanar (its nice bs 3adi)
- Marina (7elo el seaside at night)
- Al Kout (shar7 wayed)

- hmmmm u can go to theme parks or to chalets (bneider, khiran, nwai9eeb, jlai3a.. Hilton, etc)..if ur there on a weekend go to starbucks in jlai3a (its a chalet area).. ull find hot guys there as well lol.. oo fe the scientific center (nice aquarium).. oo shopping eb avenues is really nice.. Cinemas eb kel mall...

Place to hunt for hot guy?
- go to coffee republic el magharb ya3ne after 7
- Slider station (bss 7ejzaw gabelha.. i'll get u their number)

(hathol two places I'm SURE ull find hot guys lol)


i always wated 2 visit kuwait:D
(ya kuwaitee blogger will help u,
i wanna go with you guys & hunt some hotty hotty kuwaitee guys

enjoy it 2 the max,o capture 9owar
as possible as u can,o post here..

Ruby Woo

email me, and I'll reply back with the places ;)



meta tyeen?

goolay goolay goolay!

afa 3laich your whopper awaits you =D

just email me oo let me know shino your plans ;)


you probably dont even know my email lol

Gone Bonkers.

you got dandooon to speak up!!! YAAAAY :D

girl, i couldn't be much of help as i haven't been to Kuwait myself but i'm here to wish you have fun :D


ohwwwww ='(

SA, u cuda waitteeeed till i comeee too! ='(

then it wudaa beeen a propaa good time , yalla nvm hopee u and ur cuzinoos have funnn, im sure u will!

btw the quadriple burger is in kuwait =( so have it for both you and me okiee? bas elchocs 7aathreeeen send Bo Standalone my way ! =D

ohh and for traditional kuwaiti food, i would recommend freej swaile7 in salmiya, its mouthwateringlyyy deliciousssssssssssss mmmm trust me =D


eshda3wa: Thankx babe for your help, i already sent you an email..

libero anima: inshallah i will very soon.. i promise =)

Errant: LAA LA tiz3ali, you know, i heard Saudi is nice,, and inshallah i am planning to visit it soemtime really soon...

Captivated: LOOL!! thank you so much for replying me and suggested all these places, aham shay ako hot guys :p.. we will definatly take these suggestions under consideration.. thank you =)

and welcome to my blog =)

Candy: Hey come with us =) it will be fun... thank you for your wishies, inshallah will enjoy it to the MAX.. and if i fix my camera before i travel i will take some pics for you ;) no worries =)
P.s i will try to find a hot guy for you =p

Ruby Woo: thank you so much for your help.. emailed you already =)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: OMG YOU ARE HERE.. ana agoool my blog mnawar nooor ma 6abiii3iii *HUUUGGSS YOU SO TIGHT*.. thank you for repling my post =)

I will be there inshallah this weekend!

Already emailed you my plans =D


AWWWWW *hugs* thanks girl, isnahllah i will have fun for you too ;)

desertpalms: :( when will you be going to Kuwait??? 3adi i will go again when you go =D

Thankx doll.. as long as your spirt is with me, i will suerly have fun =D

AFFAAAAA.. the burger is in Kuwait?? since queeny will be with me, and dana is already there MAY9EEEER YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE MISSING!! no we cant eat it bedooonik =(

LOOL!! you want me to send my dad your way LOOOOOOOL!!

Inshallah if we get time to go to this place and have this food we will, if not inshallah next time i will be having it with you =D


me is coming for the Easter holidays nshallah!

yeahhh =( mes the only one left out! me go cry ='(

looooooooooooool SA!!! =$ u know i didnt mean it that way! haahahahah


DEN DEN DEN *dramatic music*




desertpalms: LOOOOL!!!
i think i will send my FEMALE cousin your way to get the chocolate.. i wont send daddy loool

5ala9 we dont eat the burger till you are with us, bas me and dana are suerly gonna have triple whooper togetehr =D


let us know how it goes,
i so want to go to kuwait and experience it all over again,




LOOOOOL...thanx Captivated i am gonna go to these places!!;p


Karamilah: =D inshallah will post about my experiance in Kuwait...

MeeMzZ: YYYAAAAYY *cheers with meemzz* I AM COMING TO KUWAIT.. thankx babe =)

agoool, are you sure you are Kuwaity?? ya3ni thanking captivated for telling you the places that you will go to??? :/


I hope someone suggested Chocolate Bar.

A Journal Entry

i think it's pretty much covered up!

bas i wanna add some notes to some of the places mentioned:

living room lounge: it's in marina waves beneath maki, go there before la et'thalim il denya the view 3ajeeeb hal wagt.

if u want high-end brands shopping go to alothman in mariam complex bil salmiya, villa moda in the free trade zone, sal7iya complex, and althuraya complex (a small complex in salmiyah eb nafs il shari3 illy feeh il fanar)

if u want soog sha3bi go to almubarakiyah.. it's fun to go there if u wanna kill some time..

in avenues mall: u can find everything there! it will take u half a day to finish it taqreeban ..

chocolate bar as shoush mentioned.. u MUST go to it!

u have albidi3 area that has many restaurants and cafes (chocolate bar have a branch over there)

slider's station : it serves burgers, u have to make a reservation in advance coz the place is tiny and crowded (tel +965 22465047)

near sliders station there is this cute little shop called pinkmoon (they have a website check it out :

hmmm ... thats all that i can think of right now!


hope u will enjoy the trip and specially that u will meet your dear friends.. wish u a safe trip with out WHAT IF!!! :)


so did u visit Kuwait or not yet?
or u still packing ur stuff ?


Shoush: everyone suggested chocolate bar.. dont worry, it is high priority on my list =)

Thankx for suggesting and welcome to my blog..

A Journal Entry: Thank you so much for your reply.. all your suggestion has been taken into consideration..

Thank you again and welcome to my blog..

Muffin: LOOOOOOOOL!!! you know my 'what if' doesnt and wont end till i reach there.. or even when i reach there i think i will still have the 'what if' in my head =)

Dont worry, iwill try to dimiss my thoughts and just enjoy the trip =D

Candy: LOOL!! i am still here in Oman, inshallah tomorrow i will be leaving to Kuwait,, i dont even have a bag to travel with, let alone packing. i am a very last min person =p



i'm her kuwaiti friend and i'll be her guide o im takin her to NONE OF THESE PLACES !!

sorry girls bs kuwait isnt about restuarants, cafes and malls ..
ya 7alateha wala bacher tred oman o when ppl ask what she did in kuwait, all she will be sayin is i had breakfast in blah, lunch in blah blah and dinner in blah blah blah .. ITS LIKE SHE PAYED A TICKET TO KUWAIT TO EAT !!!
and its not like those places serve EXTRA ORDINARY FOOD ! its freakin food that is served everywhere around the world, EVEN IN OMAN !!!!! elmoshkla none of u even suggested a KUWAITI restuarant lol

cant blame ya, i mean we dont have much of touristic places here but what about bit el sado ? mot7af shohada2 el qurain ? kuwait towers? i bet most of u didnt even see those lol

i'll show her kuwait and i'll do it the right way mo the kuwaiti way lol


e7m e7m...i'm not much of a going out person!!;p LOOOOL!!:p

The Extravagate

ma3alih when r u coming to AD??? :(


yaaay!!:p that's awesomee!!:P


MeeMzZ: LOL!! dont blame you for that ;)

The Extravagate: Inshallah sometimes soon,, not sure when..

3aliya: LOL!! yeah it was so much fun!!

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