Monday, March 9, 2009

Back From Kuwait

Monday, March 9, 2009
Omg, I so enjoyed my time in Kuwait.. To be honest, the roads and area’s kinda felt like Oman, we could totally relate to it.. The malls were more like Dubai.. The drives are crazy there… Including my best friend Tomeh, omg her driving is MAADD!! But I guess that is how everyone drives over there.. And the guys cant leave any girl alone.. you cannot walk in the mall and have a conversation with your friend ela you hear an answer from a strange person lool.. it was funny…

what i did in my trip.. passed the gulf road a million times lool.. um lets see, on thursday night i went to have dinner at Tomeh place, and on Friday here is what i did:

1. I hung around with my best friend Tomeh, she took me around and it was amazing.. Thank you so much girl and I love you. Spent the whole day with her.. Girl you are so funny and I love spending time with you..

2. Got the chance to see my Diet Supervisor, Dr.Cullen =p .. omg girl you are so sweet and I am so lucky to know you and I am sorry I just saw you mal half an hour and I didn’t get the chance to stay longer.. p.s loved your apartment aka room =p loool..

3.I know it is not much of a Kuwaiti thing to do, bas we went to this mall, cozmo soq elsalmya and I played blowing with Tomeh and yes I kicked her ass lool. Although she said she let me win,, you know the bruised ego needs to be polished and excuses just pops out =p (I did win fair and square) Hatha el daleeel..

3. We went to the avenues, it was like around 2pm, walked around.. it is very huge.. not much people were there, I think coz it was Friday and all.. My lunch was at Maki.. Japanese.. Tomeh insisted that i should try something new and all.. and since i've never had Japanese, i was like sure why not.. so she ordered for me:
Eisa Maki
Wazani 2 Maki
Tampura Shrimps

To be honest.. I LOVED IT.. i swear it was an experience that i dont regret.. i ate everything except for the shrimp.. donno bas mo dash mazaji..

4. After lunch we went to the scientific centre, I only went to the aquarium part. 9ara7a I loved it so much.. it is so fascinating and amazing. The last and large aquarium was just WOW.. with the shark swimming among the finishes and all.. it was so nice. I saw nemo and dori and flounder and a black version of nemo lool.. I loved the place outside the scientific centre.. we took a walk there, the weather was just amazing and so right. People were jogging, some were walking, some were just sitting and chilling with the family, kids were all over the place. It was nice..

5. Next we went to shari3 el ma6a3im, I got me some ice cream from bothat elfaris. . it was AMAZING.. I just absolutely loved it.. I took each and every flavour available lool.. faja3..

6. Then we went to the Kuwait towers.. before going in, we sat by the sea eating our ice cream and just enjoying the weather.. or to be more precise eating my ice cream, coz Tomeh finished hers while driving to the towers and i was still not even half way through.. i always thought i was a fast eater till i met her!!.. We saw the moon before the sun even set!! It was just wonderful. Got to the towers, it was already time for sunset, so I watched the sunset from the towers and I could see the Kuwait city.. it was nice!!

7. Next destination was shooting. Tomeh took me to the Shooting Range Complex where I shot a real gun for the first time in my life.. The experience was amazing.. Never knew guns where hard to aim with and that scary.. The sound of the trigger was something I tell you.. I loved it.. I think I used the 22 mm gun.. wanted to go for the magnum coz that gun is what I always wanted to shoot from, but since it was my first time, they refused to give it to me.. oh well, next time Inshallah.. it will be a magnum and a shotgun =p here is my shooting paper,, i am not bad after all!!

8. We were suppose to go to Al Kout mall bas the time was against us and we didn’t =(.. Tomeh had to leave so she dropped me back to the avenues where i met my cousins and we had dinner at Ruby Tuesday.. now I know from all places why there, we were tired and that was the first thing we saw, plus everyone wanted something and ruby provided us with that..

9. The only place that we didn’t get a chance to eat from was chocolate bar… I KNOW I KNOW!! IT WAS A MUST AND PART OF THE PLAN bas sub7an allah, nothing went according to the plan.. Hey I stood infront of chocolate bar, does that count?

The day was over, and I was tired.. My cousins had fun too, they went to sharq mall and Marina and Avenues and the towers and scientific center and the had so much fun.. Unfortunately I didn’t get the time to spend with the girls I travelled with, I know i would have gone crazy with them, but on the plus side, I got to spent it with my best friend and had a life time experience and a blast..

Tomeh, you are truly one in a million and thank you so much for taking me around and showing me Kuwait your way =p.. I enjoyed my time to the max.. with you, time stands stills.. I couldn’t believe that the day was over. I never got bored and each second passed carried an excitement with it. One thing only, how come I never got to drive your car??!!! Not fair =( you promised I would drive =(

Special thankx goes to all the bloggers who replied me and emailed me on where to go and what i should see.. it really came in handy and i really appreciate the time you guys took to answer me.. Thank you so much guys... You are the best and i loved your country =)

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wow glad u had fun ;))))

Gone Bonkers.

sounds like fun fun fun :D ... next time you go anywhere i'll go with you, there won't be a dull moment it seems ;)

you're back yaaaay you were missed!

el7amdlellah 3la el salamah



glad u enjoyed urself

oo hope u come visit again soon :**

libero anima

Now that u learned shooting we should go kill us some people =p ..

I remember when i went there ! .. GOD it was heaven !
OMG GUESS WHAAAAT !! a few weeks ago we and dad went around to these new places in Dubai and we found THE CHOCOLATE BAR !!!! OMGGGGG ! i was soooo thrilled !! bss it's like 45 mins away from my house .. =(

it's great that u had over there !! =D

yalla next destination >> DUBAI =D


Nemo: Yes i did =D thank you!!

Gone Bonkers.: YES IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!! inshalalh next time i am taking you with me.. And you better be up to your words.. NO DULL MOMENT!!

eshda3wa: YES.. wallah al7amdulliah i enjoyed it so much!! inshalalh i will be visting it again!
Thank you so much for your email..

libero anima: LOL!! i wanted to say we can kill armpit girl but your voice did it all..

ALLAH CHOCOLATE BAR!! 5ala9 inshallah when i am in Dubai i will make sure to pass there..
Next destinations are: Bahrain, Qatar, KSA and Dubai inshalllah =D

No identity..

Hmmm …. I don’t see your friends (who you traveled with) mentioned in your blog… Straaaaange…. ;P

No identity..

Just kidding ;)


S.A is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack babyyyy =D

im glad you had fun dude!!

bad leish mako london on ur next destination list haaa! =(


oh wooow didn't know that you visited Kuwait damn, wish I could meet you too ! you had really fun here but guess what since Im living in Kuwait I have never been to scientific center:P can you believe that !? omg where did you shot that thing, can you please tell me where it is, im looking forward to try one !


No identity: LOOL!! i mentions la.. my cousins ;) you want me to write names?? =D just tell me o afaa you will get names =D

desertpalms: YEAH BABY I AM BACK!!! are you back??

AFAAAAA london 3ala 3eni o ra9i.. London is akeed my next destination!! once my crimal records clears out i will come to visit you =p

Another-Penelope: OHH =( yala inshallah next time.. when you come 3oman i will take you around =D

I did have fun alot!! Dude, you need to visit the scientific center, it is really nice.. The gun shooting was in the Shotting Range Complex. not sure where it is located.. IT WAS AMAZING SHOOTING A GUN!!!

A Journal Entry

glad u had fun! =D


A Journal Entry Thankx =D i did alot =D

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