Monday, March 16, 2009

Movies Recaps =p

Monday, March 16, 2009
Ok, so i've been really bored the past month.. Since the wedding is over i got more time on my hand... never thought i would get to be this free.. So i decided to play catch up with movies that i've been dying to watch.. So i thought i would share it with you guys =D my lucky victims >=D

Moving on.. Recaps of latest movies that I’ve watched..
The Other Bolyon Sister: hmm I got many mixed feeling when I watched this movie.. I really don’t know what to think, should I be mad or angry or should I say everyone got what they deserved.. all I know, it was called the dark age for a reason.. over all, I loved the move.

Australia: one word “HATED IT” OMG I cant believe I wasted 3 hours watching this movie.. and the voice of the little boy was so annoying on how he was narrating the movie.. and please can somebody take him over the damn rainbow already!!!!!!

Mirrors: Its been a while since I last saw a nice horror movie.. I really loved this one..

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button:
This was a very interesting movie.. Not sure how far true the story is but nonetheless I really Loved it..

Prison Break Season 3: Not as good as season 1 and 2 but its not bad! Hope season 4 is better…

Any recommendation on a movie that is a must see??

20 Voices:


i dont watch a lot of movies

bs recently shift

slum dog millionaire

i liked it!


alllaaah i sawww the mirrors but it's not that scary...i wanna see i rally scary movie any recomendations?!;p

No identity..

Love movies as well ... hey i loved Australia, well its not my fav type but i thought its nice .... and the guy was HOOOOOOTI ;P

Mirror: i wanna see that mirror movie .. as i never saw horror and got scared .... i hope that dose the purpose ... ;)

Benjamin Buttom: saw it … hmmmm interesting story, first when I knew the story I was expecting to be scientific fantasy but I liked the fact it was just a drama story … I must say it’s a must see movie … deferent movie …
Prison Break: I didn’t like it, I loved it … it’s the only series were all the season are interesting and never could expect what's next … it's my fav :D

Fastidious Babe

australia was VERY LONG indeed. i remember fidgeting in my seat, but it was a premier so there was no way out. the fashion was interesting though xD



for suuuuure its a def must see!

benjamin was good, but you know what! the old womans voice narrating it was ANNOYNG AS HELL AS WELL!! well i havnt watched australia so i dont actually know lol bas im going on what u sed ;)

i can do THE BEST impression of it!


Benjamin Button was interesting and nice.. Loved it!

Must watch: Confessions of a Shopaholic


hi standy,
am an movie addict,..
so movie suggestion ?the confession of a shopaholic is a must-see :D
nice review..


I loved The Other Boleyn Sister , the curious case of Benjamin Button, they both is just amazing really !

mmm i duno really lately im watching second country movies:P


here goes,
The other bolyn girl, is a good movie, but i got on my nerves shway

australia, i loved it waaayed, it is a very good movie, although peral harbor is way much better, but i loved the movie, esecially hugh jackman

benjamin button, too long, good story bas waaaayed 6weel, not worth all this time

the last movie i watched was benjamin button, but if i o to the movies soon, i will make sure to let u know

Mean B

wuz up. movies is my thing to do
Austrilia, was not bad the guy wasHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT
Benjamen: nice story worth watching
Mirrors: not scary
The shopaholic thingi nice

i recomend to watch UNBORN its nice.
My bestfriends girl; is also nice and funny.

for now i am waiting for THE FAST AND THE FURIOS WOOHOO.


eshda3wa: yeah i wanna see this movie, they say it is worht it, plus i wanna see why it won million oscar!!

3aliya: el movie is not that scary bas something different.. not the bloody elawa3 elchabd type! wallah so far i am yet to land on a decent scray movie,, i am still on a hunt for that.. will let you know if i find any,, bas one of my personal favourate is "long time dead" have you seen it??

No identity: dont get me started with Australia.. mom loved it and didnt! The only thing that got me going in this movie was my love 'Hugh Jackman' *drrrooollsss*

Mirror is nice.. i advice you to watch it... soemthing else it is..

Yeah prison break is amazing as you can never predect what could happen next!

Fastidious Babe: LOOOL!! AHAM SHAY THE FASHION!! LOOOOL.. yeah it was VERY long.. it took me two days to finish it lool..

desertpalms: said...
ON IT *goes to make popcon and some smoothies*
inshallah i will see it sometime very sooon!!

LOOOOOOOOOL.. the old woman in benjamin was definatly annoying but over all the movie was good..

You wanna watch austy for all the wrong reason aka "hugh jackman" please do, bas 3ad if it is for the sake of the story i So00o0o0o dont recommend.. if we have the same taste as we twins, i bet you wont like it!


Queen Yeah Benjamin was a nice defferent drama..

Confessions of a Shopaholic in on my must watch list already.. thankx =)

Candy: ENNNYY WEEEEEEEENIK!!! 9arlik zaman you didnt blog you didnt write and you dont appear in the bloggosphear!! i miss you...

yeah inshallah will watch that movie soon!

Another-Penelope: Yeah both movies were great!

SHARE WOMAN SHARE!! so what nice second country movies you can recommend for me to watch??

Karamilah: LOOL!! The other bolyn girl, mo bas got on my nerves,, i somehow got angry lool...

Ok pearl harbor was WAY better.. this is my opinion.. i the only good part of Austy was 'Hugh jackman'..

Great, ifyou have any new movies just email me..
Thankx doll =D

Mean B The only nice thing about the movie was the HOT GUY!! the moive was very long and not nice and this is the last time i take movie recomendations from you...

OHH i wanna watch unborn,, do you have it??
and give me my bestfriends girl also ifyou have it please..

When i watch part 2 of the fast iwill let you know so we can watch part 3 loool..


Yaa,i got busy with some damn problems <_<
me too missed ya 7abeeby..
so am here finally =D
i've read ur previous posts yala update :DD

J o u J a™

LOOL ana waied 5awafa
i couldnt sleep for a week bcoz of mirrors ;p

Mean B

i have seen slam dog millioner i felt its not worth the 8 oscars.


Candy: welcome back sweety.. yala enty update.. whenever i see your page its the same... plus can you please fix the madri what so we can see the update!!

J o u J a™: LOOOOL!!! ana it lasted 5 min only lool.. bas later the mirror in my room looked scary LOOOOOL..

Mean B: la wallah!! hmm.. still i think i will watch it just for the sake of it!!

Mean B

oh regarding fast and furios its not part 3 its part 4 3aad.
and it will start in DUBAI BABY. SO I WILL GO AND WATCH IT

i am also looking forward to watch


Mean B wweee 3ad ana qadeeeeema.... ok, i need to play catch up!!! yeah your sencond country.. let me know how is goes..

Yes i am also waiting for that movie.. the trailer was nice!

Mean B

JouJa, since you are waayeed khawafa. UNBORN IS COOL FOR YOU LOOOL i think i need some one to be around you to take a pic of you while watching it.

Standy: yeh me inshalah going next weekend to party with 3 guys :P


Mean B: LOOOL!! 7aram 3aleeesh.. maskeeena Jouja.....

I wonder who the 3 guys are? i wonder if HUNNY is one of them..

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