Monday, March 23, 2009

Voice of Inspiration #5

Monday, March 23, 2009
"God doesn't give you the people you WANT, He gives you the people you NEED -To help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to love you and to make you into the person you were meant to be. "

Its been awhile since i read something that really inspired me.. Reading this made me think of my life... It is amazing how your life changes accordingly.. You adjust to people around you, but do they adjust for you?
I look back at the people who passed in my life, those who lingered and those who are still here, those who left and those who never bothered.. Somehow, they did change me and made me who i am today! In life you learn to deal with all sort of people, in the end, the ordinary and the extraordinary makes a difference in ways you never thought possible..

I like the saying of NEED instead of WANT.. not everything you want means that you need it .. you never know what could be good for you, but certainly the thing you need is something that you really want and will always make a difference..

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wow really touchy, and so true


awww,am so0o0o touched by ur post
ur post really made me think abt the ppl who r around me...o el nas elle el mafroo'6 aswaeelhum cancel o block o delete mn 7ayatee =D

libero anima

u r right ..
everyone that enters the door to ur life effects it, positively or negatively .. it is because of them that u are who u are today .. and the slightest change in ur past would make u a whole new person..


9aa7 el sanch, Love the post, it inspired me too ^_^


The more i think about that... the more it fits my life story...

None of the people i knew from childhood stayed with me except a handful. And frankly that doesnt make a difference to me. But if i had not had all this stream of people in my life treating me badly, i would not have become the person i am today.

and i am grateful for that. given the chance again i would have repeated all the past episode for the knowledge i would gain from them.

O always remember

El nass tekhaf... ma tekhtesheesh


100% true!! man i love the quote at the top!!;p


where did u read that?


Gee: Yupe!!

Candy: aboy hathoool el nas you better block o cancel and delete them fast.. mission eliminate negative poeple..

libero anima: yes, i totally agree that if you changed one thing in your past, you would have changed too...

Another-Penelope: thankx honey,, glad i could inspire you too =)

danderma: Same here, non of my childhood friends stayed with me,, as you said, if it wasnt for what we were put through, things would have been different!

3aliya: =D *high 5*

eshda3wa: i got it in an email.. it was among other things and only this captured my attention.. said...


very nice clap clap clap

great layout.. love it to pieces

No identity..

Women ... i loved your new layout ...

Your post is touchy ... I used to think only events you come across in life through the ups and downs make you the person you are … but after your post, hmmmm !! Yea off course people as well touch us in deferent ways … this just remind me of a women who once told her lover "I love you for the person I became around you"


Queen: =D thank you girl!!

No identity..: Thankx doll =D

Love the saying "I love you for the person I became around you"
so true!! people do change you..


wow! i loved your beautiful..

and your post is just so touchy and i can write a book about it :) lool . oh yes cuz the experince i went through whole my life with different types of people make me realy want to write a book :)

But all what i can say is :

"In life, you meet people. Some you never think about again. Some, you wonder what happened to them. There are some that you wonder if they ever think about you. And then there are some you wish you never had to think about again. But you do.”

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Sexy LiPs

Honestly I should salute you Spongy for
1- What you have said in here... it's so true
2- The new look of your Blog...
I like the layout I loved the digital clock on the side and I cracked laughing coz of the pic under save the environment....

Thanks Spongy....

P.S Sorry I know it has been a while since i visited your blog and commented :(


hi standy,..update ^^"
Lovley layout ..


Sexy LiPs: HEY LOOK WHO IS HERE.. thankx doll!!!
Glad you liked it =D

Hey i hope you dont disappear again =)

Candy: LOOL!! on it.. i'm just all over the place with too many things to do.. bas i posted 3ashanik ;)

Glad you liked the layout!

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