Sunday, March 29, 2009

Yes YOU Gained!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009
Sitting with mom, dad my sis and her husband having a nice family dinner.. So My brother in law looks at me and says..
Brother is Law: Did you loose weight?
Me :what?
BIL: you look more thin
Me: *with a big smile on my face* you make me happy, come everyday and tell me that lool I am not sure but I felt like I gained a bit I just wieghted my self and it says i am 68 at the moment.
Dad gets into the conversations and says : “Yes YOU gained”
Me: *shocked look on my face* : “What”?
Those 3 words made my “My body is so perfect” Statement that I hang above my head fall down on my face (I got a bruise coz of it)..
Dad: *trying to be nice to me* you did gain a bit (notice the ‘a bit’ part) but you were thiner than this..

Hmm now dad who NEVER EVER comments my body or how I look but does encourage me to diet and stay healthy today told me “YES YOU GAINED”

OMG if DAD noticed who else noticed!!!

So mission "Maintenance" failed miserably!! And shakli I am off the radar of my Diet Supervisor lool.. And since My Doctor is also VERY busy at the moment, I am left alone to eat all that I desire under something called “Self Control”
which has very nice equation I tell you… See for your self..
“Self Control” = self control x eat as you wish / anytime anywhere !!

Anyhow, I decided to make me a workout schedule and commit to it.. So I am waiting for marwa to be free as she promised me from this Monday we will start..

This is how I plan to exercise
Saturday – jogging or tennis
Sunday- Football
Monday- Jogging or Tennis
Tuesday- Football
Wednesday- Jogging or Tennis

Oh and on the side note, I am taking on 2 new projects at the moment.. not that i am so free but for a good couse i am taking them =D

The first one is called
Project ĐǻñĎõøðñ
To get Dana to size 8 again
-Make her workout mil elgalb
-Make her diet ‘3a9b 3aleeha..
-I wont take no for an answer

The other project is called
“Project Desertpalm
Get the perfect men’s hairy arm for deze
-Get to know her man’s muwa9afat
-Line 5 candidate for her
-Make her choose her future

And that is it for now… till I report again…
, over and out!!!

18 Voices:


honestly, i dn't thikn u gained.. u still look nice and sexy :)


et9adgeen standy,when i read ur post,i always imagined u as skinny aw rashee8a bas not someone who need a diet @@!


It's so embarrassing when fathers notice things lol :$

Make meee your project! I need to lose weight :-O






so just the arm huh? are you gonna dismember it from his body, or is that for me to do once youve found the perfect candidate :P

hehehe wallah i love you!! =D =D =D

about the diet thingg..why dont you also join a gym? itll make exercising easierr and if ur friend isnt available then you can always go to the gym solo instead of skipping football/tennis. waja thinkk?



ur dad is exactly like mine!!!

He notices if i lose or gain one kilo. He hates it if i gain weight. According to my mom my current weight status is not agreeing with him.

He would look at me and stay silent. Then the moment im gone he says to my mom "tell her to lose weight she is too fat"...

Then he would hide a bar of chocolate in his pocket. when i come over with my husband, he would secretly give him the chocolate without me noticing "his way of saying i love u like my own son maskeen" ... once my husband dared o said "Do u want some" o dad desperate for me not to eat it yelled "LA LA LA Ta36eeha KAKAW!"

o ham once or twice he couldnt contain himself, when i would eat something infront of him he would get so worried he would say "Stop eating baba khalas stop..."

gently but the msg is coming across...

o when i lose weight?

Silence. But i reach something he approves of he will start including me in his chocolate give aways...

No identity..




9ert a project?! ;Pp

oo '3a9ban 3ly ba3ad??

chenny i dont like you anymore?!

you wanna make me starve =(


Queen: You make happy... i should totally see you everyday!!
Thankx babe =)

Candy: LOOOL!! OMG 5ayalik wasi3.. 3ad ana skinny and dana sexy.. you should write a post on how you imagine each one of us loool...

I am FAAAR from being skinny.. i am chubby,, i so0o need the diet!

Hind ♥ LOOL!!! I KNOW!!! 3ad that is when you think to your self,, ok something NEEDS to be done..

Afaaa, 7a'9reeen.. You are on planning stage right now!

desertpalms LOOOL!! 9a7 you are a doctor,, 3ad mara you thought of dismembering the arms from the body LOOOL!! la la ya deze.. 3ad if you like the arm you need to accept the whole package =p
stay tuned =p =p =p

Weee 3ad ana i HATE gym.. i just cant do gym.. i tried but no luck =( i like the fresh air.. that is why i choose outdoor activites to do..


danderma: LOOL!! your dad is so cute!!! i like the chocolate approval give away!! SO CUTE!!

ana my dad mal siyasa.. i would be eating then he would go like.. arent you on a diet? i will say no.. he will go i thought you are.. i wil say i finished.. so he goes like so you will be eating EVERYTHING now.. i am already feeling quitly now.. so i go like no, ya3ni moderate on my food and i end up eating WAY less than i intended to loool

YEAH.. he wont tell you face to face but you surely hear it from dear mother loooool... you gained weight,, even your dad said so lool

No identity..: 0.o?? you ok?

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: DANA 7ABIBTY DANA =( you think i wanna starve you??!

EE YOU ARE MY PROJECT whether you like it or not,, but dont worry, ama turn you sexy =D

and the diet, it is full of everything you like =D and yes, chocolates are included!!!

you still dont like me?? =(

Mean B

hmm. you need to model for me then i will judge wither you gained or not.

yah and send me a pic before and after. from every agel


you should write a post on how you imagine each one of us loool...

LOOL,ok o ana sho asaweelkum etha ur posts 'to7ee' enkum sexy :D
i insist in my opinion lol!


Mean B: LOOOL!! 7a'9reeen, when i do the movie day i will show you..

Candy: LOOOOOOOOOL!!! wallah you are so cute!! *hugs*
3ad ma the post 'u7i' that we are sexy lool.. i hope we dont disappoint you ;)


Well, mmmmm, ok ma3ref sho agool,
ana ba3ad aba ana'6em akly msh diet bas i need to lose those few kilos i gained, how about i arez wayhy in ur group and lose weight with u guys, lol. 3ady???

the equation '6a7ekatny lol, wallah ur hilarious.

and yeah i didnt menion taht earlier bas i love ur layout, wayed nice


shaklna klna lazim n'63af lol! My dad alwaysss notices :s lol not a good thing!


sexy AND choco?

me thinks me likey =D

bring it oonnnnnnn =DD


Karamilah: tara its not about dieting,,, as you said, eating healthy and loosin few kilos..
YAY!!!.. you are most welcome to join the group =D the more the better.. very good motivation..
will make you a schedule too =D

the equation lool.. anything to make sense and justify the eating lool =p

Oh thankx *hugs* it is really nice that liked my layout =D

Maitha* LOOL it is NEVER a good thing when dads notice =)





ee ee i want the whole packagee =D althoughhh....hmm, it would be funn taking his limbs off..OKAY OKAY NO..DP..YOU MUST YOUR KEEP CRAZY THOUGHTS TO THE DISSECTION ROOM..NOT TO BE SHARED IN PUBLIC

*smiles innocently*

you were saying? stay tuned eh? sounds interestinggg =D


desertpalms: *standy imagines how deze can go crazy taking off guys limbs and framing his perfect arms* MMWAHAHAHAHAHA

LOOOOOOOOL!! omg i so need to join you in that room!!!

e7im, yes ya deze.. STAY TUNED =D

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