Wednesday, February 4, 2009

To My Sister..

Wednesday, February 4, 2009
Now that your day has arrived.. Just few more hours and you will be gone to start a new page in your life. I remember when mom brought you to this world.. You were this new toy that me and your brother would be playing with. You were this cute little thing that we fought about carrying it, feeding it, dressing it lool.. We had fun times when you were a baby.. Then grew up and you started to talk and being all over the place, that is the time you started to annoy me lool. You’d always be around when I have my friends over, always all over the place and somehow manage to capture their attention.. Funny how this habit NEVER died.. You are STILL around when my friends are over and you know most of my friends more than I know yours. I don’t mind it now to be honest.. I think it is a nice thing..

I know growing up we haven’t been that close to each other, with the 4 years apart between us, and me always thinking how young and childish you are and then travelling abroad to study and all.. I can honestly say that by the time you started college and I finished my studies, that when I got to know you. I always wished if I had more than one sister. On the bright side I am happy that I am blessed with a sister like you.. of course, we had our share of evilness towards one another, sometimes t is by pissing each other off on purpose or complain to mom and get scolded by it, or trapping each other into trouble. In the end it was always worth it, as we tend to forget it or have a laugh about it. And that is what made our sister bond grow stronger.

I can’t imagine how the house would be like with you gone now. It is enough that none of our brothers are home and now you are departing too. It’s just going to be, me, dad and mom. How boring is that??!!

I wish you all the best on this road that you are about to take. You know that you always have me by your side and I am just a phone call away if you need anything. 3asa rabi yefta7lik kul abwab el ‘7air, Ameen.

Things change and people move on but my love for you will never change or go anywhere.. You will always be my one and only sister.
And I will always love you dearly..

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awwwww ;**

thats soo sweet ;**

allah ewafegha inshallah =)


Ohhh,that's what wonderful!
i can be ur sister ^^
allah yewafe8ha in her new life,


so sweet..Allah ywafqha wa 3oqbalik insha'allah


thats so much sweetness girl, I bet she loves you that much , hope she's reading it too ^_^ may god always be with her.

Gone Bonkers.

Allah ywafegha w ytammim 3alaiha far7at'ha ... w yjma3kom fel fara7 wel 5ayr doom ya Rab :D

if i had a sister, i would've wanted her to be just like you! Allah ys3idich bel 5ayr w ya36eech kel ma tmanain :D

Sexy LipS

I am sure that 3lyaa would really be touched to read what you wrote about her and really be proud to have such loving and caring sis like you...
Allah y7fathkum lb3th w3saa tdoom elm7aba beenkum...

Allah ywafgha w 3qbalek inshallah...
i guess its sunat el7yaaaa....

dont worry u wont be bored " as long as u have ur frnds close to you too ;)"

and think of the bright side " u'll have all the attention @ home now :P get more pampered;) " lool am kidding....

عسى الله ما يحرمكم من بعض ومن محبتكم لبعض....

libero anima

aaaaw ..
the sister bond is greater than any other kind of bond ..

i wish her happiness in her new journey =D


your words are so touched , i could not hold my tears.. its really sad to wake up one day with out seeing your sister around and i know how it feels..
Allah yuafaqha ya rab and wish her all the best in her new life.. she is so lucky to have such a sister like you, am sure that she will miss u so much..

as you said dear, people move on but will never forget thier love..


Mean B



awwww how sweeeeeeeeeeet !


ooooh it's sooo touching!


Ohh dear, that was so sweet … and I am sure its actually more than that deep inside your heart … but that is life and u will get use to it … I am sure you will find her around and become even more close more than you think ….
Heeeey remember,,, I am always around … keep that in mind :)

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