Sunday, February 22, 2009

Interview Tag

Sunday, February 22, 2009
its been so long since i got this tag, it is time to do it.. e7im, SORRY ERRANT.. So i asked Errant to interview me and here are her interview questions...

1- What is the one song that you feel like it sums you up?
a55555 min awaliha a very hard Q.. i never actually thought of this.. hmm if i think hard the only song that comes to mind that is a song that reflects my status at the moment.. so i will just answer you with, Single by Natasha Bedingfield.

2- Your fav curse word?
LOOOOOL!! omg 7addo su2al for me.. well many,, i do curse often but only with my very close friends..the word that i use the most is a word in Swahili and i don't think i wanna write it here.. it is very bad word =p (Fort the curious ones, here is the words intials K-N)

3- Your bedroom colors?
My bed room is so girly.. i know most of my friends would be shocked, but it is pink-purple and green.

4- Have you planned your honeymoon? even if ur not married, where ?
LOL!! omg i am such a dreamer.. e7im yes i did.. it will inshallah be a 10 days ship cruise through Europe, i even found out much it will cost and all.. loool.. how desperate =p

5- if you were invisible for one day, what would you do?
watch my loved one all day long..

6- when you feel stressed out what do you do?
i tend to avoid people so that i dont take out my stress on them, i will usually talk to my best friend who can calm me down and listen to my crap, then hibernate and watch movies or tv or sleeeeeep...

7- your fav childhood toy? why?
hmm,, i would say my bicycle :p.. hm i hated dolls and barbie, considering the fact that i grew up with my brother, i bet my fav toy was something so boyish it is just that i dont know what it is.. plus we were more into physical games like shor6a 7arami and so..

8- a message to Obama?
You better make the right dicisssions and make the world and better place. Pay respect to Muslims and Islam and prove us right..

9- I look my best when .......
a) i wear a very girly outfit..
b) i blow dry my hair..

10- A message to Errant ...
You are one of my favourite bloggers and i love you :*

How does this tag work. If you want to be interviewed, all you have to do is write in the comment box 'interview me' and i will send you the interview questions either in your email or in your comment box..

14 Voices:


i dodnt get what the curse word is!

ela abe a3arf!


calculated the cost b3d loooooooool


i wana ask a question :( may9eer?

Q:how much dyu love dp? :D :D :D


yeah, what's ur curse word.

mashallah, honeymoon planed already, lol



10 days ship cruise through Europe, i even found out much it will cost and all.. loool.. how desperate =p<<< i think i might goo there!!;p

No identity..

Lool dear… know the cost already…
yea girl keep the sprit.. there is no harm to dream and have plans ready… I already have planned my weeding to each detail… looool
Now you interview me … but showia showia … come easy on me … :D


no being single a7la,ur gonna miss it ba3dain..
i knew the curse word

Gone Bonkers.

*high 5* !!!

i love that you hibernate haha me too! but how do you deal with those who don't understand "hibernation" i can't explain it to them! and bicycles lol every year i'd make my dad buy a new one for me, you weren't the only tomboy :P


eshda3wa: LOL!! i can tell you what the word is, but then do i have to explain what it means too??? wallah it is a very bad word :s

Nemo: LOOL!! wallah calculated with exchange rate ba3ad!!

desertpalms 7ABIBTY DP, MY TWIN.. MY LOVE MY ALL... inti mo bas you ask a question, you ask all the questions you want, i will dedicate a post bas 3ashan your questions =D and i love you kithr love romeo to julite, i love you kithr love qias to layla =D

Karamilah: LOOL!! aham shay el curse word lol... 7a'9reen.. ee the honeymoon abu el planned

TOOTA LOOL! if you go before i do, please let me know how it was, e7im, with pictures :P

No identity =D thankx doll!! 3ad you are worse than me... i didnt even think of my wedding loool, i jumped straight to the fun part :p

Inshallah will send you the interview Qs soon..

Candy: 9ig? you know what the curse word is?? o.0

Gone Bonkers.: *high 5 right back at ya girl* =D HIBERNATION ROCKS!!!

Wallah i tend to ignore who doesnt understand and honestly i wonder why they are in my life lool...

It is a relief to know i was not the only one out there who is a tomboy ;)


interesting :)


go where?!:P

libero anima

tell meeeee the curse word =p

i don't know if u also do this .. but whenever i learn a new language doom at3alam the curses awal =p


Queen: you think =p

TOOTA: LOL!! when you go to "MY" honeymoon =p

libero anima: LOOL!! i will send you all the curse word, bas 3ad dont ask me what it means..

I also do that, but then i tend to forget what the curse word is =)


=D awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

me loooooooooooooooooooves you tooooooooooooo!

dp is actually tearing uppp! =')

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