Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Favourite Tag

Tuesday, February 10, 2009
I was tagged by the lovely and sweet CANDY

Favourite colour: navy blue
Favourite getaway place: My room
Favourite perfume (guys): Fahrenheit

Favourite perfume (girls): Romance
Favourite pj brand: Nothing specific
Favourite clothes brand in general: Lee copper, Gap and anything comfortbale
Favourite person in the entire world: My mom
Favourite country (not including your own): Italy
Favourite car: Benz SLK
Favourite sport: Football
Favourite sport player: I have many.. No specific one
Favourite spot in Kuwait: Madri considering I’ve never been to Kuwait, bas here in Oman it would be “fooog” somewhere in RAH..
Favourite animal: cat
Favourite movie: practical magic, million dollar baby, duplex, troy etc..
Favourite singer: Mostly depends on the song not the singer
Favourite day in the week: Wednesday
Favourite time of the day: dawn and night time..
Favourite holiday season: I like all seasons..
Favourite number: 7
Favourite food: All foods are my favs, Chinese, African, Arabic, Italian, etc..
Favourite chocolate: My taste tends to change from time to time, currently craving for sneakers

Favourite cartoon: Tom and Jerry
Favourite blogger: all bloggers are my fav Favourite
Flavour Ice Cream: yoghurt ice cream from Glacier café o BAS!

So how this works is you guys add a new favourite to the list and pass it on to 10 to 15 people.

OK my new fav would be,
Favourite Drink: Water and fresh juices

I Tag: Since most of you bloggers have been tagged and i lost track of tags, so i will tag any blogger who has not been tagged yet with this tag. Do i make a tagging sence :p?

8 Voices:


nice .. u r funny !


everyone seem that no. 7 is her/his favourate,i think its the lucky no. :DD


hey visit kuwait :P
I love tom and jerry too but the oldies one

Two Bitter Democrats

OMG! My favorite men's cologne is Fahrenheit also! I also love cats!!

Wow, its like we're almost related ;)



i missed you ;**


nice tag!

Gone Bonkers.

quite a few favorites in common i have with you..

who am i kidding, most are in common!


Errant:=P Thank you =D

Candy: Number 7 is the number of wonders ;)

Another-Penelope: i should visit el kuwait 9a7?! maybe one day!!
Yes the old tom and jerry, not the new one mal kids,,,

Two Bitter Democrats:LOOOL!! it feels like we are sisters =P

ĐǻñĎõøðñ I MISS YOU TOO BABE *hugs you your way.. till you turn blue* =P

..::Amu::..: Thankx =) and welcome to my blog!

Gone Bonkers.: LOOL!!! well, i guess the cancer sign RULES!!! aka we rule ;)

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