Sunday, February 15, 2009

143 Road Accidents.

Sunday, February 15, 2009
Last week Oman witnessed
143 Traffic Accidents which included:
>80 accidents:collision between number of cars
>24 accidents: run over a person
>21 accidents: run into fixed objects
The outcome was:
31 deaths and 189 different injuries...

انا لله وانا اليه راجعون
اسال الله ان لا يريكم فيمن تحبون مكروها
Drive Safely please...

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Gone Bonkers.

la 7owla wala quwa ella bellah :( its sad


very sad stats :(

No identity..

I know this is funny, i 1st read your title as (i love you road accidents)... so i though u will be talking abut an accident which you witness at the love road ... lool...

Anyhow, I always come across the news that oman witness the highest number of accidents in the gulf … this is scary … myself had accident last week but thank god no one was injured but it was a total of four car crashed into together …


i thought i commented on this post!

stooopid blogger!

elmohem, as i was saying...etha chithee eb oman, shlon elsalfa bl kuwait? im sure its much worse lel2asaf =(

allah e7afethna =(


Gone Bonkers.: It is very sad.. people need to take life serously..

Queen: I know :( and yet it keeps on increasing..

No identity..: LOOL!! after i published this, i noticed the title and same thing came to mind :P

Oman is the highest among the gulf 0.o.. wow.. we need to slow down alot now..
and salamat, al7amdulliah you are ok.. and welcome to my blog =)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: lool.. that also happenes to me.

if the statistics are right then i guess we still hold No.1 for the most accidents in the gulf.. *sigh* i wish if poeple would just take it easy... Allah Kareem..


that is scary .. allah ye7f'6na o men n7b


ameen ya rab el3alameen..

yeah its really really sad..but what can we do=/

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