Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm Not Perfect..

Tuesday, February 17, 2009
I’m scared of the image that you have of me..
I am not as perfect as you picture me..
My flaws are way too may and at times are too much to handle..
I’m broken in many ways that I don’t think you can make amendments..
I try to be my best but at times my morals fail me..
I don’t think I can be who you have in mind nor compare it..
I’m intimidated by your actions towards me..
I don’t think I can live up to your expectations..
For all what it is and for all what its worth..
I’m just a glimpse of a human that is no where close to perfection..

8 Voices:


beautiful words ;**

and i <3 you with all your imperfections...including that quadraple whopper youll be having with us =D


nothing wrong with not being perfect as long as you are living in a way you want and a way that makes you feel better then that's just perfect girl , loved the words too

Ruby Woo

no ones perfect, you just have to live with that fact!

Gone Bonkers.

having self-doubt is one of the most prominent characteristic of a cancer.. but don't let it pull you down. do the things you like to do and avoid anyone who could possibly judge you for the meantime.

you're a sweet, sensitive, and caring girl and you're close to perfection as can be! <3


nice words.
ya 7alatna o ne7en mob perfect ha3!


&where did u disappear now? @@!
am used to ur daily post...


yeaah no one is perfect!!


Perfect is boring!

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