Monday, September 14, 2009

Yesterday =)

Monday, September 14, 2009
I’ve been confronted TWICE.. You know when one thing opens the rest follows.. I admit to one mistake but I don’t agree on how society judges you..

A friend came up to me and told me how come I said that I cant talk to her.. She said, we are friends, we are buddies, we talk about everything and everything how can you say that you can’t talk to me? The thing is, sometimes I feel in some subjects that I cant talk to you about coz we might fight and I don’t want that.. You know, her reply was “if we do fight and argue about it, we are friends and we will get over it, in the end is opinions if I want I will take it if not I won’t”!! 9ara7a its true, and that is a true friendship… My mistake is that I did assume and think.. I also judged her friends without knowing them which was very wrong to do..

The other one was, I was talked to by my friends on the friends that I have and the group that I know and have around me.. I was told “coz I love you I am telling you this, but there are a lot of words and people are talking about you based on the people you hang around with and they are judging you"
So I was judged coz I know people who smoke..
So I was judged coz I know people who drink..
So I was judged coz I know people who are gay..
So I was judged coz I know people who are divorced..
So I was judged coz I know people who are married..
So I was judged coz I know people who are free..
So I was judged coz I know people who party..
So I was judged coz I know people who try to make a difference..

It doesn’t matter how great these people are.. As long as they are wrong and society doesn’t accept them, then I shouldn’t.. Do they make sense or they don’t.. I donno wallah.. Bas I’ve been told to be careful and choose my crowd wisely =/ we know you are not like that and you do nothing wrong but you hang around with people who do so they think you are one of them..

Yesterday I learned that you should give your friends more credit and never assume a reaction on a person based on their reaction to other people..

Yesterday I learned that no matter how you are or what you are or who you try to be it doesn’t matter if you society doesn’t approve.. Even if you say I don’t care and I will live my life, society will still bring you down..

OH YESTERDAY I HAD LOST OF FUN… regardless of the serious talk with me.. I had my friends and cousins come over to my house from 8pm till 12 midnight… it was AMAZING!!! We had a blast and it was great having 15 of us just going crazy and acting our age, which was 12 LOL.. For the 4 hours we hung around, we lived our moment and enjoyed it to the last bit!! Thank you all for making yesterday memorable.. It was GREAT having you all there..

Oh I might be going to Dubai somewhere in October.. Not sure till now but I am excited coz it will be parentless and a girls only road trip =D

How was your yesterday?

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Happy birthday girls!

I wish I have the friend to friend talk coz I don't have a true friend I can spill my heart with. I know I'm SAD, but I just couldn't trust anyone here around me, they are just so...EVIL!Lucky you to have someone around you.

My yesterday suck major! I'm so sick and I puked the hell out of me :( and I did my assignment until midnight :(

Aww nice trip! I love parents-less trip, haha!!


you know, people who judge you are too scared to look at and judge themselves, and that's why they put the spotlight on others...those are SO not the people you should hang out with!

in fact, you should hang out with me :) wish i could have been there too, but this recovery is going to be LONG! miss y'all!


C: AWWW *hugs* i can be your friend ;)anytime you need advice or an ear to listen to, just let me know!!

Hey this is life, it took me awhile to get these amazing friends...

i am so sorry your yesterday sucked big time =( hope today is a better yesterday for you =)

Namrata: aww we you were missed yesterday,,, you missed so much.. yala next time you will come..

actually they didnt judge but people outside judge me.. they were actually defending me hehehe.. they were just saying be carefull =)


mashallah, post ewanes ^،^
allah edeem 3alaikum il ma7abbah o il wanasah =D

finally my lap is fixed -.-
regarding the previous post!!

a very controversial issue!
well,there is an interesting post of a UAE-ian guy who is talking about relationships,its nice that it's coming from a 5aligi guy point of view, Let her read it,its for all the girls out there,very interesting wallah,wut do u think? =D
the link.

Two Bitter Democrats

hello my dear dear lovely sister! i miss you terribly.

i read your post. stick to your guns. society may bring you down but you have to look at yourself in the mirror every day and feel good about who you are and who you surround yourself with. friends are friends through and through if they are good people. life is hard and people will judge you, but you got to hold your head up high

this isn't totally relevant, but this song will make you want to kick ass:

i love you and miss you!



I hope I don't get slapped on the head for my comment but ill say what I have to say..

No matter what, we do live in the middle east and we are all muslims... but out of all muslims.. us khalijis 'have to' worry about what society thinks.. and sometimes.. we might not be doing something islamically wrong.. but in terms of "3adat w taqaleed" its wrong..

Also, even though some societies think that we're backward.. but family name and honour is extremely important.. and its very important that girls stay protected..and clean.

I am one who has 'dumped' someone I considered as a best friend because of what my family and society thought of her and her actions.. because in the end it wasn't worth it.. I also stay away from girls that people talk about even if theyre EXTREMELY nice... and I do not go out at night without my parents either... because its true when they say " el bint mal'ha '3air sem3at'ha" and if your name is tarnished .. youre doomed forever..

Not only that, we musn't be selfish.. because if we go down.. our whole family goes down.. and thats not fair!!

As you see... its just not worth it in the end ..

I do recommend you worry about what society thinks... but not about everything.. only when it comes to how your actions might bite back in the future..


My yesterday was AWFUL .. shakly ana w C have caught the same stomach bug thats been going around! so yes, spent my day puking my brains out.. bs el7amdella im okay now

Btw do you know around when in October youll be in Dubai??

Mean B

i am soo wanan know the friends and the friends friends and the whole story. it seems i am still in the mood of gossips moment like the GREAT NIGHT WE HAD 2 days ago thanks dear.

yesterday was a borring slow day but after iftar it was nice i went to pumper my self abit it was relaxing. it reminded me that i was a woman


Candy: inshallah doom el ma7aba ya candy =D
and alf mabro0ok 3ala fixing your laptop, its long over due already!! welcome back full force =p

Thank you for the link,, its very true!!! i hope people read and benefit from it =)

Two Bitter Democrats: OMG OMG OMG OMG, YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY I AM TO SEE YOUR NAME HERE.. i swear the minute i saw two bitter i screamed your name, my sis and dad went like what? lool. it was funny... I MISS YOU LOADS AND LOADS!! i do hope you are ok and studying is better then working lool =p but most importantly i hope you are enjoying =D

True what you said, but our society is different.. its just not that easy.. the funny thing everyone judges everyone and they are all in the same thing.. so annoying!! but i do as i please as long as no one gets hurt by my decision =)

Thank you so much for your 2 cent and view regarding this matter, i really appreciate it and believe me, it is dirt off my shoulder lol ;)

love you so much and miss you more than you know.. *hugs*

Maitha*: LOOL!! La 3adi, 5uthi ra7tik, bil 3aks, I really appreciate you saying what you have to say.. You did shed some lights on a hiding truth.. I totally agree on all what you say… Family name and honour is very important and believe me I would never jeopardise that no matter who my friends are.. The people I know, are not like a public display as in see me this is how I am,, believe me I’ve met a few of those and I am so avoiding them lool.. Most of these people I know are friends who do respects the society and are amazing people but does wrong in their own world away from the preying eyes, its just people assume and talk and trash,, most of the time, the words and saying are not true.. The girl has no one but her family and I would never do anything to harm my family,, I respect them a lot to dishonour them with my actions and as you said its totally not worth it in the end.. Its funny that sometimes its not the I am seen with them that makes people judge, its just that I know them and say hi to them what makes people get all acted up!! I know what is right from wrong.. But you know what kills the most, is people talk and I know for a fact they are not so innocent themselves.. That is what I hate.. bas afaaa 3aleeesh, Inshallah, I will try to be more careful and do think of society =)

AWWW so sorry about your yesterday =(
That sucked!!!! Glad you are feeling much better now..

Um about Dubai, it will be after the 1st of October which means the following weekend ya3ni maybe 7th or so.. Not sure till now but that is the plan =)

Mean B LOL!! No one told you to leave early LOOOL.. Bas 5ala9, what has been said has been said!!!
You are most welcome for that night and Inshallah many more of those to come =)

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!! I am glad you got in touch with your femininity LLOOOL

Sexy LIpS


i loved what you said here

"Yesterday I learned that you should give your friends more credit and never assume a reaction on a person based on their reaction to other people.."

aaaaaaa and am glad you had fun,..
weh so when are we going on our trip to Q8!!!
but wait its totally unfair...
howcome inshallah u'll go on a road trip to Dubai and u r not planning to ditch the ppl u r going with... but with me... u said be ready to be ditched over there in Q8!!!

:(:(:( enty maaaa 7lwaaaa abadaan


allah ykhaleelna our frineds

they are the best gift god gives us ..

gald uhad a great time


shnsawee hathy denya klshy to be judged:( i feel ya ! almohem estanistay with ya friends hatha a7la shay ^_^


and guess whose not in Dubai that weekend? :(


Sexy LIpS: Glad you liked my quote, tara if you use it you need to pay me a fine =p

LOL!!! well, you know how my bestfriend is in Kuwait right? so ya3ni you are here in Oman with me all the time so yeah me ditching you lool =p

La afaaa 3aleeesh,,, inshallah sooon we will make our trip to Kuwait and anywhere you want and no ditching dont worry..

eshda3wa: Ameeen inshallah.. true, i dont know how i would be without my frineds =)

Another-Penelope: aham shay estanst alot with my friends =D
i had so much fun!

Maitha*: =(


No need for me to tell you wt u already noe =)

If you spend your life worrying about what people might say. then you have really wasted your life over nothing, Cause people talk anyway n nothing you do will stop them.

=) You should do those nights more often, u seem stressed. And im sure u can use some more fun..

*I MISS YOU so terribly..

n dont let it get to u..

don't let it get to you

I say this because somewhere deep inside, im sure the words still echo.

Do not let it get to you



Roon: LOOL!!! so true what you said..

i seem stressed??? wallah first one to tell me that!!

i need more gathering like these =)

i miss you more lil sis =)

Inshallah i wont let it get to me...

p.s wont let it go ;)


=) thats my standY!

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