Monday, September 7, 2009

I'm Back..

Monday, September 7, 2009
I'm Back..
I'm Sick..
and we lost.. lool

Thank you all for your comments and wishies.. They did mean alot to me..
TWINZY lool.. thankx for the Cheers..
ANONY, lool. i am posting this outfit just for you..
KARAMILAH, it was great meeting you =D

here is the outfit that Anony came to cheer me with lol (she didnt come, i wasted my money on her)

it was a good experience though.. now i am chilling at home with my flu (not swine) just normal one..

I met wonderful people when i was there..
i befriended some and i envied most LOL

So let see..
the teams that were there, Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Emirate A, Emirate B, El shabab el 3arabi (UAE) and Oman..

Oman vs El Shabab el 3arabi aka Nigeria (suppose to be UAE but the whole team was the women from the Beijing Olympic) so yeah, we lost...
Oman vs Bahrain, we lost...
Oman vs Egypt, we lost..
Oman vs Jordan (friendly match) yes, we lost lool..

3 girls from Tunis came to play with us in our team bas ham we lost.. 3adi but the experience was worth it.. these girls were in the national team and they are AMAZING!!

Over all, the team was understanding, too much drama that i want to forget about, and most of all, amazing food and a good bed =D

Now i am back, no work till next week, i dont feel like working abadan!!!
i am chilling at home..

Ramadan went by so fast!!

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emirates A and Emirates B??? whats the difference between the two teams? lol.

MABROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK 3AL ONE GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!!!!! that was definitely the wish i made... RIGHT THERE.... xP !!!

and the outfit.. WOW!!! 5A6EEEER LOL!

*looks around*
*steals the outfit*



ashwani mayeeet :P

she got flu @@


*runs away FAAAAST*

A Journal Entry

ma3laih .. khairha eb ghairha =)


awww nvm hopefully next time, youll win em all ;)

hehe standyyy love the outfit but whats the pointtt if it aint gona be seen! =/

matshoofeen shaaaar twinzy hope you get well soon! *sends over some chicken soup and a hot water bottle* rest up habibi!!


glad u had fun !!!that the most important thing ;)

salamat ma tshofen shar hun :(

Ruby Woo

Although it would've been great if you guys won, just think about the experience. An experience you won't forget and thats pretty much great.

I'm glad you had fun. Welcome back :)

Mean B

HAHAHHAHAHAH LOOOOOOOOOOOL you lost *tears coming out from laughing so hard :-)*

even ta3adol you didnt get.. !

sorry girl any way inshalah next time y ou will do better it will be:

nice to have you back :)


Awww your back! I'm sick too, arghhh can't chase the flu bugs away, anyway glad you enjoy your time there! Did I just saw nice food? I'm hungry now!


H: ohh zain wallah a nice comment from you..
shooofy aham shay el ONE!! LOOL!! Ee the one you wished for.. akeed.. sure.. yes.. it is the one..

Emirates A is the TOP team and B is the 3adi one.. bas same club!

Enty everything you want to steal? Mara my doctor, now the outfit lol.. wallah 7ala..

Anony: 3ad ana I was waiting for you…
*runs after anony with my flu*

A Journal Entry: =D thank you.. inshallah next time we will do better…

desertpalms: kul hatha 3ashan you didn’t cheer for me =(
lool.. the outfit 3ashan you guys know that you have them, bas 3aib mama,, 5ala9 inshallah in Feb when we go to Jordan you can wear it.. afaa 3aleesh..

awwww, thankx for the soup, wa9al, and al7amdulliah I am feeling much better now.. said...

Mone: yeah, al7amdulliah I had fun =D
thankx sweety =) I am feeling much better now..
el shar mayjeeki..

Ruby Woo: wallah all I wanted is we win one game.. JUST ONE..bas yala mara thanya inshallah.. as you said, the experience is the most important thing =D

thank you =D

Mean B: so much for being my friend.. NO COMMENTS!!!
Bas I miss you *hugs*

C: YAY I am back, yeah bas shwaya sick =( bas al7amdulliah I am feeling much better now.. LOL!! The food was amazing..
hey, get well soon dear.. take care of yourself..


welcome back :D

ooh its ok to us ur a winner ;) slamaaat dearish.


awwww fdaitich standyy I miss you too :)

Mean B

ohh you upset from your twin please dont. but you still know that i love you sa7. *hugs you back*

Mean B

STANDY!!!!! ITS 9 9 9 keef shangrilaa ???


you've been missed waaayed ;**
my lap top me5tereb i should have been here earlier =S


it was my pleasure, dear to have met you :)



Mean B: lol.. walla inish tu7fa.. i love you very much ya mean B..

LOOOOOL!! sure, pick me up???

Candy: miss you more ya candy... yala next time inshallalh and salamat 3ala your laptop...

Karamilah: =D *hugs back* cant wait to have that coffee that you promised me ;)


lol xD

well the experience counts =b

^.^ yeah, it flew by!

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