Saturday, September 26, 2009

How I spent my Eid..

Saturday, September 26, 2009
Day 1 Monday
Morning- Greeting People

Day 2 Tuesday
Morning- People coming over to great us

Day 3 Wednesday

Day 4 Thursday
Afternooon- Friends came over to watch a movie

Day 5 Friday
Morning- Went out to greet my aunty
Afternoon- beach volley ball with the football girls then went to meet my other friends..

So over all, with all the amount of HOME that I had, I can honestly say, I did have a break and I did relax and it was my something different.. and for once, I am actually enjoying Saturday and my first day back to work, even though I slept like at 1am and woke at 6:20am

So how did you spend your Eid??

To all you people who are back to work and studying, I am wishing you a all the best and may god bless you =)

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Mean B

my Eid was ok.
1st day
Morning Great people
Evening dinner and movie with the inlaws

2nd Day
Morning slept from 11 till 5. then heard about funeral

3rd day
went for funeral in sohar then continued the journy to dubai, sleept.
4th day in dubai
trying the metro, movie, eating, sleep sleeping sleeping
5th day
sleeping, back to muscat pass by sohar for funral finishing, home sleeping


wow that was something different, hope u weren't on depression something ^_^ ill post mine soon about my eid hangout


my eid was ok... I spent some time at home but not as much as you :p


Yaa, uff bacher dawam ><" 5alla9 il 3eed ebser3aaa, 9 days went like pheww =S

my 3eed was G-R-E-A-T


Mean B: mashallah.. i like your eid =)
a7san allahu 3azakum..

Another-Penelope: LOL!! nah, wasnt depressed, just tired =)

cant wait to read about your eid ;)

Aurous: loool.. home is goood ;)
glad you had a nice eid =)

Candy: i know, it passed so fast.. i want another holiday now =)

glad you had a G-R-E-A-T eid!!!


Went to Kuwait.. was a good change and a nice family time.
Umm what was that part about the beach volley ball, you’re part of a team? OMG I SOOooo wanna do that. tell us more. plzz :)


Faith: Afaaa, you went to Kuwait and you didnt take me with you??!!!!

I am part of the girls football team, but since we haev no soccer practice, we decided to go and play volleyball at the beach,, it was fun =D you are more than welcome to join =)


That's lovely! At least you have some activities to do. Not like mine,arghh, mine suck big time, my eid is sick sick sick and hospitalized :(


C aww sorry to hear that!!! but i am glad youa re better now and al7amdulliah 3ala salamtik =)

all the best in the exams =)


SEEms fun :p

its a late comment I know :D


Faith its better late than never =)

hope your eid was more adventures than mine =)

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