Saturday, September 12, 2009

An Observation Voiced Out Loud!! (1)

Saturday, September 12, 2009
When is enough, enough??!!

I wonder sometimes how our human brains work or how come we never listen to the voice of reason anymore… This is for you.. You know who you are! When will you choose your pride over your love? A love that brought you nothing but misery and pain and I have to watch you each night suffer from this and cry yourself to sleep.. The moment you are mad and strong you stand up and say NEVER AGAIN, this is the end of it but when the morning comes, you forget it all and go back xyz while you know that a broken record always repeats it self.. I ask you, what do you gain from doing this? Are you happy? Are you satisfied? What is it that you are getting out of it? Unfortunately you are answer me with nothing and I don’t know why I am doing this.. Relationships are suppose to be easy.. Yes you will have the ups and downs but most of the time it will be a smooth road.. If its not a smooth road then I think its time you change the road.. Love is never about power while here its clearly the case.. You’ve been made worthless a number of times only to see your value through your friends eyes.. We always try to make you feel better about yourself but I donno if we do succeed in it.. I care about you and I hate seeing you in this state.. You know how your situation is at the moment and you really don’t need this..

Relationship is about understanding (you are not getting that)
Relationship is about trust (I believe xyz doesn’t trust you at ALL)
Relationship is about compromising (I believe you did what was asked from you and whatever you asked was replied with “I am a man”)
Relationship is about support (I don’t see you getting support especially now that you need it the most)
Relationship is about making it work (xyz always gives up on the first glimpse of argument)

The list is long but I am going to cut it short.. I am not going to say anything right now.. I will leave this to my readers to write what they think what you should do..

Bloggers, this one is for you.. Advice her.. That is her case.. Its an 80% emotionally abusive and mind games relationship.. 90% dominate from one side and every unbalanced.

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my theory is: we live this life in a quest to find happiness... I don't think she's happy!

sometimes people get in a bad situation and for some reason they're too weak to get out of it, sometimes they convince themselves that they deserve what they're getting, sometimes they think they can't do any better, sometimes...
the list goes on and on, but the reason doesn't matter. what matters is that happiness is not something a person should give up on.


Its hard to leave someone when you love them... But you should listen to those around you who watch your life like a movie. Its clear to them how abused you are... Mo mn 9ale7hum to break you up le2anna they're the ones who are going to pick up your broken pieces... It seems hard now... But a year from now when your healthy and strong, when you least expect it, love will come to you... And you will laugh at urself for allowing this absurd relationship to go on.

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A Journal Entry

Aurous described what i wanted to say..i agree with her, if it brings her sadness more that happiness she should try and be strong enough to leave.. winshallah ra7 tilga illi eqadirha..


Are writing this blog to me? hehe .. it kinda talk to me though .. so I'm just telling your friend to back off .. love is not ugly, love is not about crying ..

Here is one thing though, I learned that when you're in a relationship especially a bad one, you don't think clearly .. you're under so much pressure and stress .. because this guy becomes like God to you !! He is the only source of happiness in your life and the only source for grief !! you just can't see other things in life .. coz your blinded by your emotions .. give your self a break .. for enough time to get over these depressing feelings .. the cloud will disappear and you'll see clearly what you're really losing during this relationship more than gaining ..

Good luck !


elsara7a mafahamt shay ..

bs allah ykon bel3oon



Mean B

hmm. the only thing i can say is i recall there was this saying if i could bring it right.

dont make the person to be the priority in your life while you are not in his.


Unfortunately, Standy, it's a pattern with women to go back to familiar comfort zones, even if those comfort zones (i.e. the man in their lives) make them desperately unhappy. And nothing anyone says will make them realize they should leave until one day they wake up and the conclusion dawns on them that they are worth SO MUCH more than constant misery, and if they had the strength to leave, they could actually have a better life.

It comes down to a choice of what's going to hurt more: staying with the guy, or leaving him!


One advise to your friend, never made him the priority in her life while she is only one of the choices in his life! Love is about trust and understanding, if both of these things doesn't exist, there is no point continue this love! There is two reasons why she can't leave him, either she is afraid of loneliness or she is desperado, sorry if I'm mean!


I must say that no matter what u say, we say or the whole world says it won’t change the way she thinks (or in most cases we women think)!! I am sure that she knows all the flaws in her relationships, that she deserves a better life with a person who treasures her and probably he is not the one for her but for her as Errant said he becomes the God!!
Unfortunately the wakeup call comes only after falling and falling hard…so just walk out now, it is hard and the hardest part is to stop yourself from going back to what u had but believe me u will be amazed of how strong u can be if u really give it some effort and surround urself with friends like Standy ;)


this might be hard - but someone has to say it

grow a spine!
this is not a fairy tale and u will not have a happily ever after..

you deserve to be with someone that makes u happy all the time .. if they cant do that then there not worth knowing ..


bala 7ob bala weja3 galb :P

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