Saturday, September 12, 2009

Back to WORK X(

Saturday, September 12, 2009

-Ufff I just finished my leave and today is my first day back to work.. And I am not feeling the people.. I AM NOT FEELING THE LOVE!!!

-Imagine, I start my day with spending almost 10min on hold with IT coz I forgot my log in password for my PC and I spent 30 min resolving this issue.. From 7:30am till 8:00 am o ana just faxing them my damn I.D only not to be reached, then I had to email it to them from my friends account and finally they got it and issue solved and closed!!!

-People were happy to see me only to give me back my wok which I AM NOT happy to take by the way..

-Do you believe that I forgot that I moved from my current team to another one lool.. I was totally lost when they said “Standy moved to this team” I swear the shock on my face was priceless lool.. then I remembered lol.. damn!

-Imagine, my inbox was full and closed and I have like 140 emails in them and NONE of them were work related LOOOOL!! Does this prove something, e7im, I don’t think so lool.. BUT I did have miss calls from I donno who, which means people were searching for me (yeah sure whatever makes me happy right??!!!)

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mabro0o0k, your holiday is finished =D



Finally! I know the feelings when you felt so confused and don't wanna come back to work :P


Candy: LOL!! i feel so sleepy and i donno what is happening and i am so lost and i didnt do anything till now LOOL!!

ya rait if i can eshrad!!

C: LOL!! al7amduliah someone is sharing my feelings =p
glad we are suffering together!


Hehehehe good luck standy:p et5aylay I might start work in a month:/ noooo!


Maitha*: LOL!! thankx, now i cant wait for you to start working 3ashan tisharikini homoomi =p lool..

Mean B

welcome back dear. now at lest i will have some one to come and give a lap dan.. i mean to enjoy with me the work.


Mean B: LOOOOOL!!! i am so glad there is something positive by coming back to work =p
cant wait for the lap dan i mean to work togetehr =p


mmm I've been through it for last two months and im feeling better now and happy, well its hard to leave but if she's ready to be strong and so on then it's gonna be easy mmm let her write down the list of his negative and positive side and if its full of negative then she will be awoke:)it worked with me as well:) good luck !


lol xD

Welcome back Home =)

i guess u already had ur welcoming party with the IT dep.

n ur gifts from ur email n missed calls.. =/

so, calling off the real party xD

Dont u just hate it when u come back feeling all different n fresh then everyone comes all dull n normal n spoil ur mood xD


Roon Thank you lool.. wallah the poeple they didnt shaja3 me to get back to work!!

you've been missed *hugs lil sis*

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