Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Real Friends Vs Online Friends..

Wednesday, February 1, 2012
Is the online friendship a real friendship? Or is it just an escape to a world where you create the perfect personality and meet the perfect friend??

I have friends who I’ve known for more than 5-8 years, friends who I just met at work, or in gathering or parties, and friends who I’ve met online, some who I’ve known for over 3 years and some for just over 6 months.. Some who I’ve met already and I cant really call them online friends anymore and some who I haven’t met and are still perfect strangers to me..

In real life, it is hard to find to the perfect friend easily.. As usually we judge from the first look or from an incident that happened a million years ago or from a gossip that might justify the person or not, in the end it is up to you to get to know the person. Even with all the tangibility we don’t really open up to “real” people.

Online, it somehow may be easier as everything is already pre-defined, as when you search for a friend, you either go with, age, city, gender or the zodiac sign if it is a match to yours, or by the other defined things that the users already said about themselves, what they like and what they enjoy.. It is really wired how the net became the place to meet friends and actually choose from..

It is funny how you meet this person online and it’s fun to talk to; you take the friendship to the next level, as phone calls and sms, then you make the final step. After you see the person, when you guys have nothing in common to talk about anymore in the table, you sit and wonder if all what you had was just an illusion that both of you created.. It’s amusing how you adjusted yourself to fit in a shoe that you can never actually walk in..

You know, I’d say the net is rubbish, but you’d be really lucky if you found a perfect friend online.. I can honestly say that I found my perfect friend.. Although I had to prove them wrong to find them =)

Bottom line: Don’t judge a person from their profile..

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Hehe sometimes friends online is better than friends in reality. Honest!


i've met a couple of friends online & let me tell u they're really nice & sweet! they're not my best friends where i can tell them everything about my life yet but still i love talking with them :)


I made wonderful friendships through my blog they were first online friends and then the friendship evolved into real life friendship. One of them actually became a very close friend!

I guess online we are attracted to friends that have similar perceptions and interest.. you like them for who they are not what they are. As you said in real life we tent to judge from the first impression or by what they look like, etc.. affects our judgement


honestly, the internet barrier makes everything easier, and online friends can really be so great you would instantly call them real friends.

To me, a friend is a friend regardless of how I met them. It is just how I limit myself to information I give and would like to receive.


Her doctor

ha ha !! *Agrees with the bottom line* yeah the internet is amazing , i personally married some one i met online lol *Wink wink*

♥●• İzdihër •●♥

Neither is bad .


C: LOL.. i agree ;)

swera: hehe that is so true, i've met a few of these too..

Vainglorious: ALLAH CCUUUTTE,,, that also happened to me :)

I agree with what you said..

Karamilah: I totally agree with you :)

haha, i like your last line :)

My Doctor: LOOOOOL.. i hope you are happily married that person ;)

izdihër True.. all is good :)

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