Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Job

Tuesday, February 14, 2012
So after struggling in my lame work for the past 3 years they finally decided to change my position and move me elsewhere.. Same department, but a different section. Doesn’t mean I got promoted but it just means that they discovered how useless I am in that position and they were not benefiting from me.. So they moved me..

Now my previous job was annoying. It was a killer routine thing.. Open the excel sheet, update the system, check for new things, and so on. No challenge, no brainstorming, no nothing.. I was bored from it and to be honest, I wasn’t handling it well, not because I couldn’t do it, it’s more like I was fed up and couldn’t be bothered to do it.

Now the position I moved to seems to be more interesting. So far i have been involved in two meetings and it was amazing.. I felt like I belong and it got me excited. It was informative and I love it so far.. I am excited about this, and my new boss is so amazing.. He makes me feel important and takes my suggestions and he is always smiling. Such a pleasant person to be working for..

This the 4th major change in 2012 so far.. and I am loving it..

My Official start date is going to be next week 18th Feb 2012, wish me luck :)

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Mean B

good luck. thats the most important thing to be happy in those 8 hours which you spending them 5 days a week.

Oman Collective Intelligence

Happy for you! Routine jobs kill brains. All the best! :)

♥●• İzdihër •●♥

Best of luck.I am happy for you:).


Im so glad your finally happy with it, I could never do office work that's why I resigned after one year. So being in a work place that you don't like for 3...wow, I'm inspired by your will and patience obviously your finally getting what you deserve.

All te best to you!!



Sounds good! New challenges! Wish you the best :) What kind of industrie do you work for?

Greetings from Hungary
Thanks for subscribing to my blog & nice answer too :)

Keep in touch!



3 years wow. I don't know how you managed. I did office work for one summer and wanted to shoot myself due to the bordeom and how unchallenging it was.

Happy for you!!! :)

Your voice of wisdom

Standy, how come again you failed to mention the amazing people u r leaving behind in ur old "killer work routine" and how much you will be missing them..Do I have to do everything for u, woman!!!


awww im so happy for u .. yep 2012 seems like a big year for everyone :P everyone is either moving in, moving out or moving on lol


Mean B: lool true dat.. i think i am going to be happy :)

Oman Collective Intelligence: Thank you so much for your wishies :)

♥●• İzdihër •●♥: Thank you:*
i am also so happy for me :D

PrimaDonna: well as for me there is no escape from office work so i need it to be atleast fun and something i like to do :)

Al7amdilliah,, my paitence as you said, did pay off :D

Thank you for your wishes :*

Ildi: hehe, thank you so much :D

i work in a petroleum engineering company..

Leilana: lool I also donno how I managed lool.. al7amdulliah for this opportunity :D

Your voice of wisdom: hahahaha looool.. well you guys WERE my friends :p
Now I that am on a higher level, umm do I know you :p

Nostalgia: LOOOOOL.. I like that.. (everyone is either moving in, moving out or moving on) haha so trruueee :D
Thank you for your wishies :*

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