Monday, February 6, 2012

20 Movies in 5 Days

Monday, February 6, 2012
We had a long weekend this week.. Today we are back to work.. Since Wednesday till Sunday, I managed to watch 20 movies.. It was an amazing relaxing time for me..

One Day

This was a very sweet movie.. I enjoyed it alot..

The Hangover Part 2

Part one better.. I didnt really enjoy this movie


hmm, although inspired by a true story, i think it could have been better..

In Time

Great idea, poor execution of the movie.. Its not all that..

Friends with Benefits

Typical and pathetic.. Nothing new in the story, and Justin shouldnt act AT ALL..

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Long, Boring, and missing all the old characters.. Wasnt impressed by this installation...

Crazy Stupid Love

Funny with a twist..

Wake Wood

To my suprise i enjoyed this movie.. It was kinda typical horror but the idea was nice..

Drive Angry

Waste of time.. I cant believe Nicolas Cage would act in a movie that is so so so below avrage.. If you wanna kill yourself, watch this movie.. it will be killing you slowly.. NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL.

Horrible Bosses

Disappointing.. I thought it would be better.. It wasnt all that for me, and it could have been better..


I loved this movie.. Started slow and bad.. then BAAAAM.. was impressed by the story line.. Didnt like the ending though.. But this movie took me by suprise..

Conan the Barbarian

Loved it.. Well filmed and played..

Our Idiot Brother

I enjoyed this movie to the max.. The storyline, the acting, the cast.. I loved it all.. A movie that will make you smile..

Another nice movie.. I loved the kid the most.. lool.. Typical idea but great execution..

I Am Number Four

If you have seen the trailor, the movie is nothing like that.. It was very disappointing for me.. I feel like i wasted my time watching this.. and the acting was rubbish..


Not all that, but its a nice movie.. All i can say is, i wish the pill exsisted in real life :p

True Grit


The Change Up

BLAAAAH.. very very very disappointing movie.. Didnt enjoy it much

Kung Fu Panda 2

Funny, but i loved part 1 more..


The most boring, stupid, wanna kill myself movie i have ever seen.. NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL.... They tried to imitate "kick ass" but it was a failure and a major waste of time.. This is a very baad movie...

7 Voices:


I find myself watching comedy movies a lot lately because i need to de-stress most of the time. It is kinda getting boring and i thank god i have a brother that would drag me to the movies from time to time.


50 movies?! lol wowww. you've given the term "movie marathon" a new meaning :p


sorry, I meant to type in 20 lol.

Mean B

man you were board.
from your list of movies i would like to watch MY IDIOT Brothr, Crazy stupied love, In time.

hang over was nice i havent seen part one.

pairates of the carebian i love it cause of johny depp.

by the way what was the switch about?
iam number four i found it ok not WOW but ok.



you should try watching documentries or sitcoms for a change :D

♥●• İzdihër •●♥

I wanna see One Day, The Hangover Part 2 ,50/50. Our Idiot Brother
The Switch



Karamilah: i decided not to be picky and not to read any reviews and just watch whatever i have :P

Leilana: loool. i needed a reason and a purpose to wake up in the holiday :p

It was fun though, you should try it sometime :)

Mean B: Na3am i was bored!!
good choices, they were nice movies..

Hangover part one is better, the switch is a nice movie, read the review..

conan it was an eye candy movie for me :p

Aries: looool well, i am tired of sitcoms and documentires are to be watched with you ;)

♥●• İzdihër •●♥: i say watch all but wacth the nice ones last :D

Happy Valentine to you too dear :*

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