Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Perfect Someone..

Sunday, January 29, 2012
The first time I saw you was in a picture of you and your brother..
I can’t describe how I felt but I was smitten away by your smile and the warmth that is in your eyes..

Your smile was breath taking and your features was so genuine..
Your eyes had so much life in them..
I was mesmerised by your looks. Somehow I could feel the mood of happiness to the fact that I was smiling without noticing till my friend nudged me and asked me “what is funny? Are you reading a joke?”

Before I knew it, I was already crashing on you..
I asked about you and everyone praised you..
To my surprise you ended up being one of my very close friend’s best friend..
Fate or destiny??

I do have lots of crushes but this one is different..
Your picture never left my head, if I had a wish; It would be see you face to face..
God did answer my prayers..

Even then I knew you were something special..
I’ve been obsessing with an imaginary someone that I never thought did exist.
The first time I saw you I froze in my place and I couldn’t move..
Was it me wishing too hard to see you or did fate finally made my dream come true..

I only saw you 6 times in my life. Each time I see you, you take my breath away.. Life, time and I, would stand still for how taken away we were by you..

Today I remembered you.. You brought a smile to my face..
For that I owe you.. For making my day bright..
Thank you =)

If we met, I know you would have been my perfect someone..

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I'm actually intrigued to know who it is..


Rummy lool.. wacha ushaweeeshiii :p

its a secret.. a55 that love will always be in my heart..

♥●• İzdihër •●♥

It been ages I did not visit your blog .

Have a good day.

P/S: I also wanna know who is he ?


too cute ;p


Spongebob and Patrick is it? :P

Butterfly Chick

I wish he is your perfect someone!
Hope you see him soon again!
Good luck!

You might need to do something :P lam7eee laaah enzaaain ena u like him :P! maybe he likes you too but too scared to make a move!


İzdihër: Missed you and glad to see you back here again :D

shhh its a secret :p

Leilana: heheh thank you *^^*


Butterfly Chick: i wish that tooo :D

lool. i dont think that will ever happen :p but then again you never know ;)


6 times? damn, guess thats not me then :P


Aries: lol..nope not yet.. btw, how many times did i see you??
i think 3 only..

Mean B

now you should tell me who is he or who is she or what is it?

ha ha making a move by bamp into them and drop your book or somthing then let he/she/it help you to pick it up then knock your head to he/she/it head:P

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