Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Blah Day

Tuesday, January 3, 2012
I slept yesterday by 10pm.. And I was VERY late going to work today.. Its not that I couldn’t wake up, its more like I refused.. I was in the state of awake and sleeping.. I had very weird dreams that started with an instructor and ended with me married to some guy I don’t know.. and how did I get married, it was just like that, why don’t you marry him, sure why not. We didn’t even spend time together.

Now the funny thing is, I’ve been sleeping early this week, by 8pm at times I am long asleep, and I do sleep deeply, I wake up the next day at 6pm (with alarm). So it means I am getting enough rest but my body somehow is VERY BROKEN and EXTREMELY tired, that at work I go and have a nap!!

I am not liking this and I feel I am not normal and something is wrong with me..

At work, I do the morning job and I don’t feel like doing the other tasks which now has been pending for over a month lol..

I need to get my act together..


5 Voices:

Gemini Girl

the same here,hope we get better soon!!


Awaiting more posts!


whats disturbing you ?

Butterfly Chick

lol and I thought I am lazy :P well sleeping is good but I guess you shud spend time doing other things than sleeping, maybe something is bothering u so you run to sleep?


Gemini Girl: al7amdulliah.. its getting better :)

Anonymous: more post coming right up :D

Anonymous: life issues!!!

Butterfly Chick: lool.. you are not alone :p

something was bothering me and now i am getting the hang of thinsg...

but i do just love sleep :p

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