Sunday, May 1, 2011


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Inshallah i will be travelling to Phuket this weekend... Is there anything that is a MUST SEE or DO in Phuket??

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WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!!!!! am i being updated about ur life through ur blog??? shame on you :(

besalama nshallah :***


Troo7een w terja3een bel salamah hun ;)

Hope you enjoy it ..!!


enjoy it to the most, never been there, so i cant tell.

wow, i can feel the vibe already... vacation vacation


have fun!! besallama enshallah :)

Beyond Timid

Cool! Sounds really interesting.
I like your blog by the way. Colorful as well as entertaining. Heh.

No identity..

Yes, Call me will tell you..

Mean B

i think its better you take me then i will show you wht nice things to do there.

Gold Medal Ribbon

7abeeeeeeebtiii inshallaaaah tro7eeeeeen wetrideeeeeeen bil salamaaaa yaaaa raaaaaab;*** ENJOOOOOOOOOY! AND TAKE SOME PIIIIIIIIIIICSSSS

Butterfly Chick

Hope your enjoying ur time there ^^

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