Monday, May 30, 2011

Children From The Orphanage

Monday, May 30, 2011
Yesterday I went to an orphanage where we are volunteering to teach the little girls how to play football… and OH MY GOD!! I swear these creatures were no where near being or acting like KIDS..

I couldn’t believe it.. Children who are growing up with no respect, no moral and just pure EVIL and LIES!! Omg convincing lies ba3ad..

It was an experience.. Plus now I’m puzzled.. Aren’t those children supposed to grow up with values and be taught manners and all that?? Where is the government.. These kids are NOT the BRIGTH future for this country.. Their method of getting things is by bulling and screaming, stealing and shouting!!

The woman who looks after them cant handle them.. And I am talking about 6-12 years old here..

Imagine, I am standing there.. and a girl comes to me “will you play with us” I told her “no I wont play with you coz I am wearing Abbaya today and I didn’t come prepared” she looks at me and gives me a look and then she tells me “you have a black heart that is why you don’t want to play with us” OMG.. Just from saying NO I automatically have a black heart??

And the girls would NOT listen to reason, they wont accept you teaching them, or let you teach them.. it was CHAOIS..

I left feeling sad that a place like this is not filled with love and care.. I wish if i could make a difference..

I will be seeing them again.. Lets hope by then I have developed a strategy on how to deal with devilish kids..

From all the girls only ONE girl was such an angel that I felt like I want to adopt her straight away.. She just didn’t fit in that crowd at ALL.. That made me wonder why is she so different is it the genies or the environment? All the kids there were like Mini thugs from da hood!!

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No identity..

Masakeen walla ra7amthum n ra7amt el enviroment they are in... ween el7okoma??!!?

Mean B

loool you have a black heart like your 3abaya lool. alah yesa3edhom.
how do you know mybe she is the leader and just obsirving them from far.


awal shay lebnaya magalt shay '3ala6 about ur black heart :P *joking*

in my opinion, those children feel different from those who have parents! they feel they want to feel the void, they lack passion & love that's why they're acting like this.

Gold Medal Ribbon

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL omg!!-_- i really think that u need to put a strategy to change their behavior! i believe that u can change this place that's filled CHAOIS to a better place!

Butterfly Chick

Poor kidoz.. It is so sad really.. But I wouldn’t blame them.. I would blame the people who should be responsible of those kids.. Where are they? Laish mo ga3deen eraboonhum or e3almoonhum 9a7.. Wala bas l2anhum aytam 3shan chee?!

I really hope you can come up with something or can talk to someone about it .. Walla it is so sad.. I never went to such a place here in Bahrain.. I wonder how they treat them and how are the kids here!


No identity: i donno wa7di im supprised...

Mean B: LOOOL! i hope not and i do hope its just a phase and they get back to being NORMAL kids

swera: LOOOOL!! i aint going to comment on that =p

I agree bas still that doesnt justify why they couldnt made feel loved!!

Gold Medal Ribbon: loool wallah i wish if i could do something to help coz its annoying and i wish if the goverment would wake up and see this!

Butterfly Chick: i do blame all the resposible party for this.. you should have seen el mushrifa.. she couldnt handel the girls one bit.. it was so saad..

the thing is if you dont have a power your are wasting your breath and no one would listen to you... lets hope and maybe things will be better...

Um Aryaam

OMG OMG seriously, walah and I wonder if they have teachers/ leader or whoever that can give the kids all their time and care that they need and advice I don't think they'll turn out to be like that and anyone would have loved to adopted them.
But no one would ever want to adopt behaved kids.
You should write that in the newspapers so people can be aware and do something about it

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