Monday, May 16, 2011


Monday, May 16, 2011
And reality is not painted as good as dreams that we live in.. Sigh.. Back to work.. Its day 2 and I feel like I wanna go on leave again..

Why cant I get paid and still sit at home?? I need a change of profession.. I hate my job!!

So I am back, and I had a FUN-tastic time.. it was a holiday well spent..

So the things me and 7amani did:

1. Shooting
2. Go Cart Racing
3. Snake Show
4. Peal Workshop
5. Kajo Factory
6. Worlds Largest Gem Company
7. Some Island Tour Including An Island Called James Bond Island
8. Canoeing And Going Into Caves And Seeing Bats
9. Fantasea Show
10. RTV (4 Wheel Motor Bikes)
11. Monkey Feeding
12. Elephant Ride
13. Water Rafting
14. Relaxing
15. Chilling
16. Sleeping Well
17. Enjoying Food

And now I wanna go back and do it all over again!!!!!!

4 Voices:


I haven't been on vacation for the four years. I hate being a workaholic -.-

Glad you enjoyed though..!!


im so glad u had fun, u needed a break! but why hvnt u tried scuba diving?! :P


Babe glad that you had so much fun! I love canoeing! I never been to Thailand even its so close to Malaysia haha :D Maybe I should go there one day :D


Rummy: you need a break.. take a week off =D

swera: coz i didnt find your gorgoues scuba diving trainer =p

C: YOU SHOULD.. totally you should =D
i had so much fun!!

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