Monday, June 6, 2011

Old is Gold..

Monday, June 6, 2011
How time passes so fast.. 10 years ago these mobiles were top in the market..

this pic was taken in April 2001
Can you guys guess which moblie is mine =D

p.s: wow.. i was 17 when this pic was taken lool.. Blue was turning 19.. time doest fly..

11 Voices:

Mean B

the white one


eeewwww i hate myself now for using one of these :P

Butterfly Chick

the last one on the right? ;p


The middle one! Nokia 3310 or something like that LMAO!

Maqsood Qureshi

In the 90s there're huge phones -- they call 'em HudHud something in Emirates. :-) Thanks for visiting my Blog, Standy -- What's happening in your life, girl? :-)


Mean WRONG!!!

swera: LOL.. i am not alone =p

Butterfly Chick: WRONG!!

C: =p WRONG!

Maqsood Qureshi: loool.. thank god i was the 2000s generation =p

nothing much is happening in life... same old same old =)

Gold Medal Ribbon

eliiiiiii bil NI9:P

Butterfly Chick

Butterfly Chick: WRONG!!

how harsh to hear someone saying WRONG :(

hahaha.. ma3aaaarfff ana astasleeem :P


Gold Medal Ribbon: lol wrong =p

Butterfly Chick: LOOOL!!! uhh SORRY =D

i cant honeslty rememeber which one. i am confused between 2 phones =p

No identity..

LoooooL ... after all that NOW you are CONFUSED .... Ill guess the smallest and ugliest ;)


No identity: LOOOL... 7aboootish

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